Remington 700 Bipods

Remington 700 Bipods Overview

Many missions will have you doing some long distance shooting and the prone position is probably the safest and steadiest to do so in. Shooting in prone position does require some adjustment in your equipment and the most important is the bipod to keep your weapon steady now that your arms carry some of your body weight. Remington 700 Bipods promise everything a typical bipod offers: stability, confidence, better aim, while also offering quite a few bonuses to boot. Our bipods are made from extremely sturdy materials and have a black anodized finish, ensuring they won’t break or get damaged in most situations and harsh weather conditions.

Remington 700 Bipods easily fold out of the way when not needed and are quickly folded back into place when you have to get into prone. You can order them in different sizes and lengths, to suit your particular needs and situation. When ordering a new, better bipod keep in mind that quality goes a long way and you’ll be hard pressed to find superior quality than our Remington 700 Bipods. Be confident in your ability to switch into long distance shooting quickly and successfully by getting your very own Remington 700 Bipod.

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