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Any experienced hunter knows that the quality of your scope is often the very reason a hunt turned out amazing instead of typical. The thrill of accurate shooting can't be compared to anything else, and this type of accuracy demands a proper scope. Weaver scopes offer you precisely what kind of benefit with their superior design, strong build and excellent customer satisfaction record. Made only from the sturdiest of modern materials, Weaver scopes endure through any weather and hardship, protecting the lenses with their robust exterior casing. The lenses itself remain clear and usable in a problematic situation, ensuring a clear shot even when the weather is against it.

Weaver scopes have a long history of pleasing demanding customers, many of which are experienced hunters. Because we know that when it comes to hunting, practical and straightforward is the best. Weaver scopes are precisely that, preferring simple designs over complicated uselessness. Enhancing your vision, aim, and confidence, our scopes will serve you well day in day out, no matter what your prey is. Live the thrill of the hunt with a perfect tool, your very own Weaver Scope.

Weaver has been building high-quality scopes and binoculars for 80-years. The Weaver name has been part of your outdoor experience and shared the bounty of your hunt. You trust us to perform time after time. That's why we spend so much time perfecting our riflescope and binocular designs. Weaver is always testing our products against the environment to keep them top performing and the best quality available. You get a clear glass, a durable exterior and the confidence knowing your shot will be true.