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The Vortex Monoculars are rapidly grabbing the attention of many shooters, hunters, and monocular enthusiasts around the globe. At first glance, you will discover that the Vortex Monoculars are capable of easily fitting comfortably into the palm of your hand in terms of size, and is approximately five inches in length. Unsurprisingly, the Vortex Monoculars feature an incredibly robust and rugged rubber housing that acts as an armour, much like other optics that are available on today’s market. This rubber housing protects the Vortex from any bumps, knocks, or any accidental drops along the way. Despite the Vortex Monoculars being a little larger than most optics out there, they are still relatively compact and don’t create any fuss in terms of taking up space in your inventory.

Vortex Monoculars

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"ltr">Unfortunately, lens caps are not provided with any of the Vortex Monoculars, however, many individuals have often discovered that they don’t actually use lens caps on a monocular. The rubber housing on the Vortex Monoculars would pose as a difficulty when fitting on any form of lens cap anyway, and many shooters would prefer to have their optic protected than worrying about lens caps. A protective case is included with each Vortex Monocular which provides plenty of protection from any unwanted scratches or bumps.

The Vortex Monoculars are also waterproof and have been specifically manufactured to also be internally fog-proof. If you go depart from an cool or exceptionally cold area to an incredibly hot or humid one, you will still most likely discover some form of fog on the exterior surface of the Vortex’s lens system, which is naturally to be expected. This is normal and can be found with all types of optics, not just the Vortex Monoculars.The waterproof sealing around the optic has been designed to prevent moisture from entering the product and helps to reduce internal fogging, which has been known to ruin most optics over the years, so thankfully your Vortex Monocular will be safe and sound for years to come.

The eyecup of the Vortex Monoculars comes in the form of a twist-up-down style which makes it exceptionally comfortable and easy to use while on the move. The eyecup features two positions, fully up and fully down.

You may discover that the focus adjustment on the Vortex may be quite stiff when used for the first time, however, much like other optics this will eases up with time and use. The focusing ring of the Vortex Monoculars features raised bumps that have been designed in order to make turning it far easier than if it were a smooth surface.

When it comes to Vortex Monoculars, we are considerably confident and happy to recommend them to our customers. Vortex Monoculars are also insanely good value for money in comparison to other optics currently on the market. It is also exceptionally important that we remind our customers that each of the Vortex products comes with their very own unlimited, lifetime, no-fault, transferrable warranty, which is certainly great news for many. We personally do not know of any other better warranty out there!