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Vickers Sling

Vickers Sling

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What people are saying about the Blue Force Gear Vickers Sling:

Very Happy with this Vickers Sling

I recently bought this Vickers sling after reading a review on another website. This is a great rifle sling. The cinch strap is a great product. It allows the rifle to be pulled closer to your body when not in use. The cinch strap could be designed to be pulled tighter. Aside from that, this sling is great. It can be tightened or released with one hand. Great for on-duty use, as an alternative to a single point sling that may get in the way with shorter shooters.

Heavy-duty rifle sling

No nonsense rifle sling that appears to be high quality. Price point is right for what you are getting. I purchased this larry vickers sling to replace a Haley strategic sling. My only wish is that the sling was offered with QD mounts, even if it was priced slightly higher.

My go-to AR-15 Sling

First saw the Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Applications Sling on TV, where it was featured in a segment about the importance of a good sling on your tactical rifle. I was impressed and bought one in coyote for my AR carbine. The Vickers Sling is versatile and easy to use. It has provided years of excellent service, and I liked it so much. This is a great sling.

Excellent sling for ARs and similar

Very strong and comfortable AR-15 sling. Being able to make longer quickly is a great feature. Buckles are plastic, but if you manage to break them, you are probably misusing the sling or have more significant problems to worry about. If the plastic buckles bother you, then you can get the padded version. That one comes with metal hardware.

Blue Force Tactical Sling

I love it. When it arrived, it took me less than 5 minutes to figure out how it worked, and then how to get it mounted to the rifle. I was super pleased with the quality of the construction of the sling. It should allow for a lifetime of use. I know for a fact that it stands up exceptionally well to heat, as one side of my sling is right next to my gas tube relief ports. I WILL repurchase this product.

Great Tactical or even hunting sling

I have tried many different slings, and most are complicated and difficult to use. Not the case with the with blue force gear, it makes slinging your rifle for carrying or extra support super easy with about 5 minutes of training. Set up and adjustment is quick. The downside is you have to buy whichever mounting system you want and install yourself, which is not a huge deal but would be helpful, for example, to order the Blue Force Gear Sling and have the option for whichever you like to come already installed. Other than that, the sling is rock solid.


I put this on an MKA 1919 shotgun. This Rifle Sling is going to allow me to shoulder and rest it while shooting for much more extended periods! I bought another one after getting this one. They have a "Limited Edition" AK 2 point sling, which is also King of the Slings! The adjuster is very simple and easy to use. Smooth, won't bind up. Excellent material top to bottom!