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Trijicon SIG HD Night Sight Set - Orange or Yello Front Outline (SG101O/SG101Y)
    Trijicon SIG HD Night Sight Set - Orange or Yello Front Outline (SG101O/SG101Y)
    Purchase Trijicon SIG HD Night Sight Set - Orange or Yello Front Outline (SG101O/SG101Y)
    • Trijicon SIG HD Night Sight Set - Orange or Yello Front Outline (SG101O/SG101Y)
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      Manufacturer: Trijicon

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    Trijicon SG101Y: SIG HD Night Sight Set - Yellow Front Outline

    Fits SIG Models: P225, 226, 228, 239

    Just with any form of competitive shooting, a quick front sight acquisition during a self-defense or combat situation is unarguably essential. Nevertheless, unlike in most forms of competitive shooting, it seems that the shooter typically has very little to no control at all over their environment, such as lighting conditions. During competitive shooting, the shooter will already be well aware as to whether or not they will be taking part in the event during daylight hours, artificial lighting, or dimmed lighting and can prepare themselves and their firearm accordingly for that form of environment. In self-defense or combat, it’s incredibly rarely that a shooter is able to choose the time or environment lighting, which means these types of shooters must always be ready and prepared for all lighting environments.

    Traditional types of night sights and popular brand names such as Trijicon often solve one of the primary issues that surround nighttime shooting. Where as traditional styles of night sights succeed in being incredibly visible during the night, they often lack in essential differentiation between both the rear and front sights, which subsequently can make it incredibly difficult to quickly select the front sight from the initial group of three dots.

    Unarguably, competitive shooting has continued to bring us many new forms of technology to the shooting market, and one of those unique forms of technology is known as the proliferation of the wide variety of fiber optic sights which are currently on the market. With the wide range of different colours of unique fiber optic inserts available, individuals can simply and effortlessly set up their sights as they desire and the new form of colour variations effortlessly allows for fast front sight differentiation.  

    The HD Night Sights from Trijicon were specifically developed in order to address the needs and demands of tactical shooters. Trijicon’s built-in-bespoke three dot green tritium night sight set’s rear sight is outlined in solid black and comes with a clearly wider U-shaped notch. The front sight comes with a much taller blade along with an aiming point which is ringed in yellow photoluminescent paint. This combination of technology is able to significantly increase the quickens front sight acquisition and visibility, even through forms of transitional lighting.

    Trijicon’s HD Night Sights are fashioned in order to shine even within some of the most demanding environmental conditions. Trijicon’s green tritium lamps are known to be warranted for up to 12 years from the initial date of manufacture. Which is always good news for your budget.

    Some of the biggest name sight manufacturers still have not yet learned the lessons that competitive shooters have about sights. It seems that most professional shooters have discovered that many popular sight sets, especially those from Trijicon, are able to provide a lot of visibility around the front sight during many different forms of lighting and are also faster and allow for far more precision at speed.

    Nevertheless, it appears that Trijicon’s designers are clearly paying plenty of attention to what shooters want, with their design of revolutionary combat sights with their practical HD Night Sights.


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