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SureFire x300

SureFire x300

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SureFire x300 Overview

A great flashlight has so many uses that going into any night time mission without one is utter foolishness. Not only can you daze your opponent’s night vision adjusted aiming, you will find your way out of a difficult situations quickly, tell civilians from enemies apart and much, much more. For all this you must be sure that your flashlight is a powerful piece of technology, like the SureFire x300. Using the latest LED technology, the SureFire x300 creates a beam of light 500 lumen strong, which is extremely concentrated thanks to the special design of the lens. Even with such dense light concentration on the beam, the SureFire x300 will offer quite adequate peripheral light. Each battery offers one and a half hours of full operation.

The casing of this amazing flashlight is extremely robust with a black anodized finish and made from aerospace aluminum. With such high quality materials it is no wonder this flashlight is nearly indestructible and often preferred in law enforcement. It is so strong that it can be submersed 22 feet deep without any damage. The SureFire X300 can be quickly attached to most handguns and typical Piccatiny rails, making it immediately available to you when needed. So, unless you want to tread aimlessly in the dark, get your own SureFire x300 flashlight now and you won’t regret it!