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Sierra 7 Bipod

Sierra 7 Bipod

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Unmatched Stability with Sierra 7 Bipod

Welcome to Mounts Plus, where precision meets reliability with our premium selection of Sierra 7 Bipods. Designed for shooters who demand the best in stability and control, the Sierra 7 Bipod series offers unparalleled performance in any shooting condition.

Key Features:

  • Robust Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of both competitive and tactical shooting, Sierra 7 Bipods are the epitome of strength and durability.
  • Versatile Positioning: With adjustable leg lengths and easy-to-manage controls, you can quickly adapt to any terrain or shooting scenario.
  • Enhanced Control: The rubber feet provide a non-slip grip, ensuring your rifle remains steady, whether on the range or in the field.
  • Precision Engineering: Every Sierra 7 Bipod is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring smooth operation and reliable performance shot after shot.

Product Range:

  • Sierra 7 Bipod, 9-12" Legs with Rubber Feet: Ideal for shooting from a seated or kneeling position, offering a stable base and easy height adjustment.
  • Sierra 7 Bipod, 7-9" Legs with Raptor Feet: Perfect for prone shooting positions, with clawed feet that grip the earth for a rock-solid hold.
  • Extended Length Sierra 7 Bipod: For shooters who need the extra height, these bipods extend from 18" to 24", providing stability in a variety of shooting positions.

Why Choose Sierra 7 Bipod from Mounts Plus?:

At Mounts Plus, we understand the importance of every shot. That's why we offer the Sierra 7 Bipod series at competitive prices, backed by our commitment to customer satisfaction. With a 10% discount on your purchase, exceptional customer service, and expert advice, Mounts Plus is your go-to destination for the best in shooting accessories.

Ready to elevate your shooting experience? Choose the Sierra 7 Bipod for your rifle today and experience the Mounts Plus difference. Shop now and take advantage of our exclusive 10% discount on Sierra 7 Bipods.