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Scout Scopes

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What is a scout scope

The most apparent feature of the Scout Rifle is the forward scope arrangement folks have started to call a reconnaissance area. This makes utilization of an elongated eye relief scope mounted ahead of the rifle's action. The purpose of this technique is twofold. It moves the range away from the balance point, allowing the gun to be worn in hand more easily. Second of all, and most important, the forward position of the scope allows the shooter to fire with both eyes open. This considerably improves peripheral vision and allows the shooter to keep up with what's going on around him.

Originally, scout rifles were equipped with two areas. This low magnification gave a broader field of view and didn't distort the binocular vision of maintaining the eyes open. With only a bit of practice, the scout scope allows for rapidly aimed, accurate shots. Besides, it allows for a much faster recovery from recoil as well as the subsequent repeat shot. If one is likely to use variable power range, people who have higher end magnification should be prevented. Anything much over the 4X setting makes a much too small field of view and needs more time to get a target and create a shot.

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