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Remington 1187 Accessories | ON SALE

Remington 1187 Accessories | ON SALE

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The popular Remington 1187 is a gas operated semi-automatic (or also referred to as ‘self-loading’ or ‘auto-loading’) shotgun. The Remington 1187 is a considerably high-quality firearm. Every single part of the Remington fit together exceptionally well, along with the wide variety of accessories that are available.

The Remington 1187 is an exceptionally popular and widely used and owned shotgun. There is an abundance of different accessories that are readily available for the Remington 1187, both in brick and mortar stores and also for sale online. A wide variety of varying barrel styles can also be bought for just about every single purpose that you can imagine, ranging from hunting to trapshooting, to even personal home defense. Let’s not forget stocks, slings, pistol grips, ghost ring sights, laser sights, scopes, and more are also readily available too. Thanks to Remington’s high build quality, these accessories and parts are promptly and effortlessly interchangeable by the user.

Remington 1187 stocks

Many of the Remington 1187 stocks typically use the same sturdy, synthetic and durable materials that the Remington factory features on their all-weather, home defense, and Police shotguns. Many of the stocks are injection molded from bespoke fiberglass-filled, thermoplastic material which is exceptionally lightweight, robust, durable and is capable of handling all forms of extreme weather conditions.

Remington 1187 slings

For the Remington 1187, there are an abundance of sling kits that allow you to effortlessly and install studs in butt stocks, attach sling with quick detachable swivels and replace magazine caps with new adapter caps if necessary. All slings that are fashioned specifically for the Remington 1187 are premium quality and can withstand all weather conditions and tough situations.

Remington 1187 shell carriers

Many of the Remington 1187 shotshell carriers have been specifically developed in response to requests from both armorers and law enforcement agencies for shell carrier solutions that are capable of retaining ammunition reliably and could cope and withstand the rigors of everyday use and abuse. Many of the shell carriers for the Remington 1187 are produced from the highest quality materials available and feature an exceptionally innovative rubber friction retention system along with significantly robust construction to endure years of use. The selection of certain shell carriers attaches via a small but flat aluminum bracket which is placed on the sides of Remington’s receiver.

Not only are there shell carriers, slings, and stocks available for the Remington, but also many other useful accessories too, such as magazine extensions, mounts and much more! If you are currently on the lookout for a reliable shotgun that comes with a whole host of high-quality and dependable accessories, the Remington 1187 is the ideal firearm for you. The price of both the gun and its assortment of accessories are incredibly reasonable, the reliability of both shotgun and accessories are also fantastic along with unique build quality. A wide variety of barrels and high-quality accessories make this particular type of shotgun well suited to almost any type of purpose.

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  • Remington 11-87 upgrades
  • Remington 1187 upgrades
  • Remington 11-87 Accessories
  • Remington 1187 upgAccessoriesrades

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