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Recoil Pads

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Here are recoil pads made of rubber to be attached to the buttstock of your rifle. You can also wear this around your shoulder with straps. If trying do so, placing the soft material between the buttstock and your shoulder if you are firing the rifle is by far the best approach.
Recoil pads are designed to provide additional padding and effectively come in between the generally hard buttstock surface and your shoulder. Thus, it reduces the amount of felt recoil of the firearm. Also, it prevents slippage on your clothing as you aim. It is also a protective device preventing bone and muscle injury caused by recoil.   

Covering the three main designs of Slip On Recoil Pads, Muzzelite Recoil Pads and Recoil Buttpad in the finest quality of soft rubber, the products in this category is sure to meet your needs.

Highly functional, we from Mounting Solutions Plus recommend these recoil pads for your safety and comfort while handling your rifle.