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PRI Gas Buster

PRI Gas Buster

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Optimize Your AR-15 Performance with the PRI Gas Buster Charging Handle

For the dedicated gun enthusiast looking to fine-tune their AR-15, the PRI Gas Buster Charging Handle is a must-have addition. A product of rigorous engineering and careful precision, this charging handle sets a new standard for quality and functionality in the industry.

The PRI Gas Buster Charging Handle is renowned for its patented gas-busting quality, designed to protect the shooter from gas blowback by forcing harmful gases and debris away from the shooter's face. With a larger, aggressively-textured latch, it ensures a reliable, solid grip for speedy and smooth charging – even under harsh and wet conditions.

In terms of construction, the Gas Buster boasts an incredibly durable, all-steel construction that ensures longevity and reliable performance. It comes with a standard military latch or a combat latch – with the latter providing a larger surface area, making it a better fit for shooters wearing gloves or operating in stressful environments.

Designed to be a direct replacement for your stock AR-15 charging handle, the PRI Gas Buster is easy to install, regardless of your gunsmithing skill level. It fits all standard sized AR-15 rifles, offering a significant upgrade from basic, factory-issued components.

In addition, the Gas Buster is fully compatible with suppressed firearms, significantly reducing the discomfort caused by gas blowback when shooting. This is an excellent feature for shooters who appreciate the benefits of suppressed firing and are looking for an AR 15 charging handle that can provide an enhanced experience.

At Mounting Solutions Plus, we understand the importance of reliable, high-quality firearm components. This is why we confidently recommend the PRI Gas Buster Charging Handle to all AR-15 owners. Whether you are a professional operator, a tactical enthusiast, or a competitive shooter, you'll find the Gas Buster a valuable asset to your kit.

In conclusion, when it comes to upgrading your AR-15, there's no denying the superiority of the PRI Gas Buster Charging Handle. This piece not only boosts your rifle's performance but also significantly improves your safety, making it an investment well worth considering. Don't settle for less when you can have the best – equip your AR-15 with the PRI Gas Buster Charging Handle today.

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