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Magpul Hunter 700 Stock

Magpul Hunter 700 Stock

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About the Magpul Hunter 700 Stock

The Hunter 700 stock from Magpul transforms your Remington 700 by a basic bolt action rifle, to some strategic rifle adaptable to any assignment or purpose you could imagine. It's so customizable that you could choose the platform and make it a lightweight hunting rifle, or design a feature-packed long-range strategic rifle with every bell and whistle. It does all of this while keeping the cost very low, which was the original intent of the Remington 700 in the first place. The fifteen minutes it took to set up the new Magpul stock made me feel as though I had a very different gun, it made me excited again to take it. I strongly recommend this stock for any proprietor of the Remington 700 in short action; you won't be disappointed.