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Magpul AK Stock

Magpul AK Stock

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Magpul MOE AK Stock

Providing Magpul construction and ingenuity to the venerable AK platform, the Magpul MOE AK Stock is an optimized fixed stock for stamped receiver rifles. Featuring the distinctive wedge block fitment of the Zhukov-S Stock, the Magpul MOE AK offers storage, optimized QD sling swivel placement, a shock absorbing rubber butt pad for installation, and user selectable snap on Cheek Risers.

Magpul ZHUKOV-S Stock

The Magpul Zhukov-S Stock is a stock for the contemporary AK. The Zhukov-S Stock casts aside traditional AK stock shortcomings and provides a folding, collapsible stock with QD sling mounts, modular Cheek Risers, and a shock absorbing rubber shock protector for traction.

The Zhukov-S has a right side folding for compatibility with side mounted toaster. Designed to match most common AK receivers that were stamped without modification through a wedge cube, the lasting Zhukov-S Stock cast polymer redefines human interface with AK platform.

Magpul ZHUKOV-S® Stock - Yugo

The YUGO Zhukov-S Stock's hinge block for a fixed stock Yugoslavian routine rifles enables the user to replace their stock lacrosse with this premium quality folding polymer replacement. The hinge block mounts directly to the distinctive Rear port Yugo model rifles with included hardware, offering a robust fit.

No-Compromise folding stock for the contemporary AK, the Zhukov-S stock bends to the right, has an adjustable comb height for optics usage via optional cheek risers, is adjustable for length-of-pull without tools, and features a tilted rubber butt pad for easy shoulder transition and slip-free functionality. An included one stage QD mount in the receiver, optional QD points at the back of the stock offers multiple sling attachment options.