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Magpul ACS

Magpul ACS

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Choosing the Magpul ACS

An excellent weapon stock is as essential to a weapon, as are strong feet to a soldier. The stock is the part of the weapon that keeps it steady during operation, while also keeping the operator comfortable. Carbines have strong recoil and thus need a good, sturdy stock.

This is where Magpul comes in with its ACS products, which are ideal stocks for carbine type weapons. They include watertight storage for batteries and an integral storage compartment in the butt of the stock. The stock comes with the typical Magpul butt-pat, which is made of rubber to increase friction and prevent slippage of the weapon from the shoulder.

The Magpul ACS can be adjusted to any military spec extension tubes, which are not included in the order. The profile of this accessory is snag-free and streamlined, preventing accidental latch release. The stock also resists auto collapse, with its special chrome-silicon spring that doesn’t allow spring relaxation.

Sling mounts allow the adjustment of slings and push-button swivels onto the stock depending on the needs of the operator. If you need a handy, durable and safe buttstock for a carbine type weapon, then the ACS from Magpul is precisely what you need!

What people are saying about the Magpul ACS stock:

Impressed with the Magpul ACS stock

I purchased the Magpul ACS stock after reading numerous reviews by others who purchased the Magpul PRS, only to state that they never made any adjustments to the cheek piece. With that, I decided to save $150 and get the ACS. The Magpul stock has noticeable heft, even with no batteries or beef jerky stored in the compartments. I actually like this feature, as it balances the rifle to some extent. I am extremely impressed with the quality of the materials and the ergonomics. Installation is not hard but use real tools. I broke one of the two dummy rounds that are shipped with it to aid in installation. Two of the things I like most about this stock are the solid feel (even with no friction lock) and the ability to snap into an offhand position and achieve an excellent sight picture/cheek weld immediately when conducting reflexive firing drills.

- Nathan

I purchased the Magpul ACS stock

I purchased the Magpul ACS commercial-grade stock for my Sig556 carbine in order to help complete my "customized look" for the weapon and to rid it of the rather cheap looking and feeling standard collapsible one that came with it. All I can say is that Magpul ACS is very nice! Not only does it succeed in giving my Sig556 a very high quality "tactical business look"--It also provides a great feel in cheek weld, length of pull, and it greatly reduces the wiggle and shakes common to original equipment tactical AR collapsible stocks. This is achieved with a "friction lock" device that clamps the stock tighter around your weapon's receiver extension tube. Word of caution! Be sure to know what the diameter of your receive extension tube is before ordering the MagPul ACS as there are two different extension tube diameters: Commercial and Mil-spec. With Commercial being 1.170" dia. At the threads and Mil-spec. Being 1.185" dia. At the threads. Don't think such small diameter differences don't matter--they will! The typically easiest way to know if your AR has a commercial-grade receiver extension tube is to see if it has a 5-degree slant back extended rear end. If it does, then it's a 95% chance that it's commercial. All in all, the Magpul ACS collapsible stock is a great and high-quality addition to your AR. I also noticed that my MOA's are tighter at the range. I believe it's due to the better cheek weld and tighter fit of the Magpul ACS stock over the one I replaced. Enjoy!

- Sean

As good as it looks

Put this on an M4, check weld was perfect. A bit heavier than I expected, yet its weight shows in the ruggedness of this AR-15 stock. A flat head screwdriver was better suited to pull down the adjustment latch than the dummy round provided. Still an excellent product that will be on the next build.


Solid Construction

I put this AR-15 stock on my three-gun rifle, and it's proven very comfortable. The sloping cheek weld surface is large and is a luxury when shooting from a solid platform. I also have a 45-degree mount for open division, and so when I angle the gun, the stock remains comfortable. The multiple compartments are fantastic. I've put weight in every compartment to balance out the rifle. Friction lock is incredibly effective, and there is no rattle.

- IC

Comfortable AR-15 Stock

This is a very nice stock. It helps balance that 20" AR with a collapsible stock. It also offers a nice cheek weld, which also doubles as a spare battery compartment. I bought 2 of these stocks in the past, and they fit my BCM Mil-Spec Buffer Tubes perfectly. This time, I put one of these stocks on my PSA 10. It did fit a little too tight on the PSA 10 Buffer Tube, but I'm sure it will loosen up over time.

- Pro-Gun

The Magpul ACS is a Great AR-15 Stock

I wanted to upgrade my new smith Wesson model 10 308 and wanted a stock that did not move. I was very surprised by the quality and how it looked on the rifle. The same goes for the Magpul grips and handguards too all in the dark earth. The handguards are much sturdier than they look in the photos too. The stock does not move, and the rifle just looks great after removing the lower end black factory set. Photos do not do show how great these parts look installed. Yes, I would recommend it. Only negative, I broke the tip off the dummy round and used a small screwdriver to install the stock-taking only a minute or two.

- Charles

Completely Satisfied with the Magpul ACS

I have 3 of the Magpul ACS stocks in use, and I'm completely satisfied. They are mounted on a SIG, Bushmaster, and Windham and fit perfectly. If you have a sloppy fit as another reviewer described, I would contact Magpul but also look at the buffer tube, there are Commercial and Military size, but even in these, not all are created equal! I would buy this again.

- Vic

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