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Magpul ACS

Magpul ACS

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An excellent weapon stock is as essential to a weapon, as are strong feet to a soldier. The stock is the part of the weapon that keeps it steady during operation, while also keeping the operator comfortable. Carbines have strong recoil and thus need a good, sturdy stock.

This is where Magpul comes in with its ACS products, which are ideal stocks for carbine type weapons. They include watertight storage for batteries and an integral storage compartment in the butt of the stock. The stock comes with the typical Magpul butt-pat, which is made of rubber to increase friction and prevent slippage of the weapon from the shoulder.

The Magpul ACS can be adjusted to any military spec extension tubes, which are not included in the order. The profile of this accessory is snag-free and streamlined, preventing accidental latch release. The stock also resists auto collapse, with its special chrome-silicon spring that doesn’t allow spring relaxation.

Sling mounts allow the adjustment of slings and push-button swivels onto the stock depending on the needs of the operator.
If you need a handy, durable and safe buttstock for a carbine type weapon, then the ACS from Magpul is precisely what you need!