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    POD-LOC by KMW

    The pod lock KMW is the perfect kit you need for your shooting sessions and it comes with easy to use, on –the- go features. To start with, you would not be doing any adjustments that require tools, so you could just as well tuck your tools away.

    You are in a shooting position and you need to lock and unlock the bipod; all you need are a finger and a thumb and you are done within the blink of an eye.

    Besides, there is minimal cleaning required because the kit is as weather resistant as it is dirt resistant. The pod lock spacer has dust shields that serve as protector for the clutch area of this Harris product. It has all its internal parts, the spacer included, in stainless steel. The clamp lever body on the other hand, is synthetic.

    You do not even have to touch the lock tension when you need to disengage the internal ratchet. By slightly pulling back the locking lever, you can simply get the internal ratchet disengaged. Snags could be annoying when you are on the move. But parking the pod lock clamp lever against the stock ensures you get as little snags as possible. To aid low visual signature, all stainless steel surfaces have been covered in matted black.

    The specification of the kit components match the standard requirements for use with all US Marine Corps m-40A3 Sniper and S.A.M rifles, as well as the new FBI and BATF sniper rifles.

    Under 2 minutes, your bipod can be restored to issue configuration, because there is no permanent alteration done.

    Users of POD-LOC.

    The acceptance level of this kit has been impressive, as it has become the favourite of several military organizations and law enforcement agencies, recommended as a standard item on their precision rifle.

    This kit has also found faithful lovers in recreational shooters, big games hunters, competition shooters as well as varmint hunters.
    It is hard to pin down a precise number of the users of this kit, because we do not sell our products directly, we work with a distribution network. But we do know about the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, U.S Navy, British Military, U.S Marine Corps and the Australian Military.

    The list also includes over 20 State Police SWAT units and numerous individual police officers across the US.

    Why did KMW develop the pod-loc?

    Towards the end of 1999, KMW began to work on improving on a defect that was causing us so much concern at the time. But we were not the only ones who had noticed this challenge. There were several interviews conducted time over time with different teams and the result came out the same. It was hard to consistently lock the swivel feature of the bipod. To make this happen, the knurled nut had to be tightened enough by hand, but this was always proving difficult. Then, KMW swung into action. We got the right people looking for an existing kit that could give us pointers as to ways of improving on this singular defect (every other feature on the bipod was perfect.).
    As we would have it, the search returned empty no matter where we looked. There was simply nothing that could help us. Our answer laid in the improvements KMW was already experimenting on my personal bipods, and that was how we began work to make available a kit that could efficiently upgrade these bipods.



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