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This elegant reticle presents flowing windage and rising dots; therefore, you can carry out long-range shots to 500 yards in windy or still settings.

Fabulous optical glass is accuracy ground. A multi-coat is present on the lenses to protect against glare and provide optimal effectiveness in a hunting surrounding of low light.

A smooth profile is found in Fullfield E1TM Riflescopes. They have enhanced elevation and windage knobs. The eyepiece and power ring which are apart can be used with flip-up lens caps.

The scopes are kept in a single piece tube which is devoid of stress. To safeguard from shock, there is a double spring tension on internal assemblies. In regard to a long period of being used on the field, intense recoil and  harsh shaking, Fullfield E Riflescopes are resistant. The

Burris Forever WarrantyTM protects them.

Shared Features

  • Created for fans who desire an uncomplicated but elegant reticle for top precision
  • Low-profile turrets can be altered using the finger, forming an elegant shape
  • At all times, turret indications portray an alteration in the area of force, for pinpoint precision
  • Divided power ring and eyepiece plan can be used with flip-up lens covers
  • Top-rated optical glass offers brilliant clearness and vividness with long term durability
  • Hi-Lume® multicoating aids in performance of low-light and removal of glare, raising your chances of success
  • The two internal spring-tension mechanism enables the scope to sustain zero via vibrations and recoil
  • Useful steel-on-steel changes facilitate continuous precision
  • Waterproof
  • Scope full of Nitrogen avoids internal mist, even in rain and cold
  • Long-lasting,  pressure-free, strong single tube resists shock and vibrations of the most cumbersome recoiling calibers
  • Body tube (1-in.)
  • Burris Forever WarrantyTM offers guarantee