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AR Trigger Guard

AR15 trigger guards are a simple yet important innovation. Rifle triggers are fairly delicate and aren’t built nearly as ruggedly as other exposed portions of the rifle. This is why it’s important to protect the triggers from damage with the help of AR 15 trigger guards. These quality, affordable items also help to prevent the trigger from accidently being nudged or bumped which can cause the firearm to fire at any time.These products can vary in appearance and material, but they all have their main purpose in common – to protect triggers. They very simply form a loop around the part and are typically made of plastic, metal or any other suitable material. To operate this part of the rifle with a guard on, simply place your finger inside it, in front of the part and do your thing.

AR Trigger Guard

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Mounting Plus Solutions stocks two types of these tactical accessories for AR 15’s. The Magpul MOE item is an enhanced drop-in replacement for your rifle. It has a deep “V” shape that makes it easier to use if you prefer to wear gloves during cold weather operations or for tactical shooting. This item does not fold, offers rounded edges and will fill the gap towards the back of a standard guard. The Magpul Enhanced solution is also a drop in replacement. This item does not fold either, also has rounded edges and fills the gap towards the rear. The “V” shape again makes it ideal for use with gloves during tactical shooting or during winter operations. This product is available in black aluminum.

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