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AR-15 Charging Handle

AR-15 Charging Handle

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When an AR15 or other rifle has a charging handle, this presents a manual system. When it is tugged and released, it loads one round inside the firing chamber after the loading of a magazine, and there is nothing in the chamber.

It is situated at the weapon’s backside on an AR15 and on top of the buffer tube that links the butt stock to the central body. Contemporary charging handles sustain varied kinds of uses which were not previously planned.

Many times, shooters have a particular method of operating their weapon; however, despite the technique you utilize, do not forget to avoid short stroking the rifle by tugging the handle entirely backward. This is to prevent triggering a breakdown. Also, prevent forward riding of the charging handle. Merely tug it completely back and let go.

Pinch Me

A favorite technique is pinching the charging handle using the index finger of your support hand while on the latch. Meanwhile, the thumb supports it at the handle’s tail end. This technique enables you to let your strong hand remain on the fire controls then back up and gun quickly.

Blade Runner

When you pull back your palm against the latch in a bladed manner, you can force back the bolt carrier without being concerned about your great motor skills; this is useful in circumstances of stress. This is the crudest and is exceptionally efficient. Just pull it backwards, and you are ready.

The Claw

This technique is famous for shooters who are experienced. The index of your steady hand and middle fingers hold the T-handle’s front; meanwhile, your thumb is placed on its rear. When your support hand holds the rifle and the charging handle provides a fast backstroke, the rifle is set to be used.