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AR-15 Charging Handle

AR-15 Charging Handle

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Supercharge Your Rifle with the Best AR-15 Charging Handles

Get more out of your AR-15 using the versatile line of AR-15 Charging Handles available at MountsPlus. Designed only to be rugged and easy to use, these charging handles deliver hassle-free performance regardless of conditions. Whether you are an IPSC shooter, a tactical operator, or simply a gun enthusiast, our AR-15 Charging Handles provide solidity for superior performance out of your weapon. The charging handles perfectly blend with a wide selection of AR-15 accessories.

Key Features :

  • Increased Durability: Made of quality materials that can withstand intensive use and even heavy environmental conditions.
  • Ergonomic Design: Extended latch allows for easy, quick engagement even with gloves on.
  • Smooth Operation: The product has a flawless work process with the help of precision engineering. There is no chance of snagging or sticking.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with all standard AR-15 rifles and therefore perfect for all types of custom upgrades or replacements.
  • Style Options: Available in a range of finishes and models, according to all your tactical needs and personal style.

Superior Functionality and Ease of Use

The AR-15 Charging Handles from LANTAC are ideal for performance and reliability second to none. Charging handles have been purpose-built with ergonomic operation, and the design of the extended latch can be actuated easily and smoothly very quickly—no matter how stressing the situation or how fast the shooting might become. This ideal quality will serve perfectly in both training and real-world experiences for fast and easy operation when you need it.

Robust Constructions for High-end Performance Built to last, our charging handles are built using only the finest materials available. The charging handle will hold up to the most aggressive of tactical operations or competitive shooting, ensuring you have the best solutions that will increase AR-15 overall performance.

Compatible with the AR-15 accessories

Besides the a la carte benefits, our AR-15 Charging Handles are also developed to suit a complete range of AR-15 accessories. This makes it possible for customization in a way such that one can set his weapon very functionally for not only weapon operation needs but also personal style.

Hear From Our Customers:

"The AR-15 Charging Handle from MountsPlus makes my rifle much more responsive. It is super strong, simple in operation, and it just matches right with all my other AR-15 accessories." — Tom G.

"Absolutely the best upgrade I have ever made to my AR-15. This charging handle works smoothly, and the extended latch is life-altering for fast reloads." — Sarah K.

Up Your AR-15 Game by Ordering Charging Handles From Us Today!

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The distinction between inferior quality and premium AR 15 Charging Handle is undeniable. At MSP, we only offer AR accessories from the most trusted brands. Buy with confidence that we stand behind the product we sell.