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AR-15 Charging Handle

AR-15 Charging Handle

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What Customers are saying about our AR-15 Charging Handles

The gas buster charging handle

This is a very well-constructed charging handle — far better quality than the mil-spec variety. I like the extra material in the finger pull area. It does not eliminate gas blowback but does reduce it. I wasn't sure I wanted to spend the money, but the quality of the workmanship and beefed up nature is worth it. I would buy again for an AR-15 and definitely plan to purchase one for my AR-10.

- G

I have purchased 2 of these, and they are great!

First, this PRI Gas Buster AR Charging Handles are very well built and feel better a bit more robust than my BCM and Fortis AR charging handles. Most importantly, it does help with gas blowback when running a suppressor. That's the only reason I bought them. I love the combat latch size, which is a tiny bit smaller than my other latches but perfectly sufficient for one hand charging. The only thing I don't like is it won't work with the CMMG 22LR kit. Other than that, they are perfect IMO.

- Romeo Echo

Excellent Hardware

This Geissele super charging handle is like every other product that Geissele manufactures. The material appears to be of the highest quality; the finish is excellent. The raised lip on the charging handle helps seal against gas blowback when shooting suppressed. The ambient nature of it allows for running off-hand drills. I've been an AXTS Raptor guy for a while now, and I'll be going to Geissele from here on out. Both are excellent products, but the Geissele nudges the Raptor out by helping reduce gas blowback.

- Odie

Best Charging Handle Ever!

As a left-handed shooter, I originally learned to run an AR platform rifle with a non-Ambi "stock" charging handle. As soon as I found how useful an ambidextrous charging handle can be, I will always have one. This charging handle is a little "spendy," but I think it is well worth the price. It clears the forward assist button on the right side of the rifle just enough to allow easy manipulation yet doesn't stick out too far. Additionally, Geissele has found the correct angles and gripping texture for perfect gripping. Definitely recommended!!

- Edmo

PRI m84 gas buster

I had the Geissele ACH on my 11.5 and changed to the PRI Gas Buster. There is a slightly less noticeable difference, and as much as I love Geissele, I kind of prefer Ambidextrous Latch; it is a little easier to handle with one finger for me.

- Post

Ambi Charging Handle well worth the price!

The price was at the right place, and the charging handle works perfectly. I shoot left-handed, and this solved the problem as well as the extension helped with the clearance from the scope.


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