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AR15 Bipod / AR Bipod

AR15 Bipod / AR Bipod

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Improve Stability and Accuracy with Our Premium AR-15 Bipod Collection

Welcome to Mounts Plus, your trusted source for high-quality firearm accessories, including our exceptional AR-15 Bipod selection. We are dedicated to providing you with top-of-the-line products designed to improve your AR-15 rifle's stability and accuracy. Our AR-15 Bipods are engineered to offer a stable shooting platform, ensuring enhanced performance and a satisfying shooting experience.

Why Choose an AR-15 Bipod from Mounts Plus

By opting for an AR-15 Bipod from Mounts Plus, you are investing in a top-quality accessory that will significantly improve your shooting experience. Our bipods provide a stable and reliable shooting platform, increasing your rifle's accuracy and consistency. We offer a variety of options to cater to your unique preferences and shooting requirements.

Our AR-15 Bipod Range

We understand the diverse needs of our customers, which is why we offer an extensive selection of AR-15 Bipods designed for various applications. Our range includes:

  • Lightweight and durable aluminum and polymer bipods
  • Adjustable height and cant options for versatile shooting positions
  • Quick-detach designs for rapid deployment and removal
  • Top brands, such as Atlas, Magpul, Harris, and more

With our comprehensive inventory, you are sure to find the perfect AR-15 Bipod for your rifle.

Expert Assistance and Support

Whether you're a seasoned shooter or new to the AR-15 platform, our knowledgeable and dedicated team is here to help. We can guide you in selecting the ideal AR-15 Bipod tailored to your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and satisfaction. At Mounts Plus, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and support throughout your shopping experience.

Shop AR-15 Bipods Today

Enhance your AR-15 rifle's stability and accuracy with one of our premium AR-15 Bipods. Browse our selection and take advantage of our competitive prices and fast shipping. Shop with confidence at Mounts Plus and elevate your shooting experience today!


What people are saying about these AR15 Bipods:

The BEST AR15 Bipod Around

Like everyone else I choked on the price of the Atlas Bipod, having used a Harris for 20 plus years. I finally took the plunge with the PSR Tall model. OMG what a difference!!! Why did I wait so long??? This AR15 bipod is great, the pan and cant are features you don't get with the lesser bipods. The quality is top of the line, the bipod is OUTSTANDING. I love it!

Fantastic bipod

This is the 4th AR15 bipod that I own and I should've saved money by buying this one first. Atlas make the Best bipod by a mile! I use the 5-9" mainly for bench shooting. It's solid and highly adjustable. I like that you can place the legs at 45 degrees so you can get low. The quick release is adjustable for the slight differences in rail sizes and I use it on 4 different rifles. A+!!!


Five Stars

You all read the specs and you all know the price And yes Atlas Bipods is as good as as it says it is Does everything well My big question was in the height What's better ? We are all here because we want the best Bench shooters -short Field shooters -tall I bought both to compare I liked the short - more compact -can add leg Extensions for field shooting I chose tall -no leg extensions to carry Better height in taller grassy areas Still low enough for bench shooting sand bags are better suited To Bench shooting -(shock dampening) Bi pods are for portable support The harder the surface - more vibration It's that simple that's why diging your bipod Legs into the dirt helps and helps Peload the Bipod as well So best use of bipod portable on the ground Support Your type of shooting will determine the height I am mainly interested in long range shooting and This is where I will deploy my bipod prone position Other than that I just leave it off


Excellent Product, Worth the Money

After careful research, I chose the Atlas and found the taller model on clearance, so I went with that. For bench only, you would be fine with the shorter model, but this allows taller adjustment and you can run 30rd mags with it easily. It is also very easy to shorten the height by placing the legs in the 45* forward position. Mounting and mounting adjustment was very simple, and dismounting is just as easy. I am a lefty, so I decided to swap the adjustment lever to the opposite side, and this was very easy to do, although the threads are sealed with thread-locker, so a little challenge to loosen, and they need to be resealed if making the modification I did. The mount is small but solid, and takes up very little rail space. This AR 15 bipod is equally solid, with leg adjustments that lock into position, and the adjustable pan and tilt have tension on them at all times, thus creating a very stable shooting platform. I immediately saw tighter shot groups over shooting rest bags on my first range outing, and am confident these will improve further with practice. The heavy-duty construction of this model should make it last a lifetime with minimal care. Only con is the cost of this American-made unit, but well worth it. I happened to catch this on sale at a great discount, but would buy again at full price after using one.

2A Fan

Great AR bipod

It is Atlas AR bipod, so how I use it is to steady my rifles when shooting at the range or in the field, aiming at prairie dogs and coyotes mostly. The product is light weight and durable as can be. I got the one with quick detach so that when not using I can throw it in the pack and get moving with out extra weight on the rifle. Can't say anything is wrong with product it was costly but worth every penny.


One tuff bipod!

Wow, I love this Atlas ar15 bipod! It is lightweight, very strong, and versitile. I have only been using it on the bench so far, which has helped tighten my shot groups. Now I want to purchase a rear monopod to stop any verticals movement. The bipod is expensive but well worth the cost. Get one Soon, you won't be disappointed.



Just bought my second Atlas Bipod. The first one sees heavy use on a GA Precision built 6.5 Creedmore I bought last year and I couldn't be happier. This one will go on a Les Baer Custom AR that has two uppers; one in .223 and one in.204 Ruger. The quick detach makes swapping between guns super fast and easy, yet once attached it's rock solid. Both Les Baers uppers CAME with another brand bipod that is both heavy and is constantly needing to be tightened. Enough was enough so it was a no brainer to ditch the factory bipods for an ATLAS, especially on a pricey platform like this. Yes, they are expensive, but look what you get. Unlike most of the other ar15 bipods, this is a PRECISION piece of equipment. It's very lightweight yet sturdy.It swivels so you can track a moving target and it also cants, so if you're shooting off something that's not level you can easily adjust the gun so your scope bubble level is where it should be for that perfect long distance shot. I am not constantly fiddling with the tension adjustment knob either. It holds it's tension very well. You can also swap out the rubber feet that come with it for spikes or something else. On top of that, you can position the legs at a 45 degree angle to lower the the gun if the lowest height is still too high. To sum up: You get what you pay for. The only complaint I have concerns shipping. Like others have noted this came in a bubble wrap bag. It was undamaged, but c'mon Midway, something like this (at this price point) is worthy of a BOX!


Best AR 15 bipod on the market

The Atlas is hands the best bipod I have ever used. I much prefer is to the Harris bipod I used for years even though the Harris is a fine piece of gear. The Atlas is lightweight and extremely versatile. I like how the starting height is relatively low. The ability to be able to adjust the legs independently and set them at 45 degree is a very useful feature if the terrain is uneven. I really don't have a single complaint about the Atlas bipod itself(see paragraph below) and would definitely buy another and recommend it to friends or family. The packaging that the Atlas comes in leaves a bit to be desired. It's just a plastic bag. Mine came with slight cosmetic damage to the adjustment knob that I had to use a black touch up pen to cover up the scratches and very minor dent. You would think for the price that they would package it better....



When looking for a AR15 bipod it can boggle the mind how some are priced so high. However, some like this Atlas should really be looked at as in a different class. The solid construction, adjustment range, finish and everything about it screams quality. Worth the price? Well, worth is best determined by the beholder. To me it is, I loved it so much I bough a second one. Watch the attached video to see it in action, doing what no other bi-pod can.


Best AR 15 bipod i have ever owned

This Atlas Bipod is pricey, but if you want a rock-solid bi-pod that allows endless adjustment it is the only one to have. I have several other bi-pods but they don't come close to this thing. It is expensive but you get a quality product that will last for years. I didn't realize how handy the ability to have the legs on a 45% angle would be until I got it. for long range shots this can minimize the need to preload your bi-pod. see video


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