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AR-15 Muzzle Brake

AR-15 Muzzle Brake

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Choosing the Best AR 15 Muzzle Brake

If you’re looking for AR brake, Mounting Solutions Plus has a variety to choose from that will help you improve your aim. These items, also known as compensators, work by harnessing exploding gunpowder gas and other particles and redirects them to change the movement or acceleration of the rifle.

The baffles inside the compensator device, an expansion chamber, and the holes that are drilled into that expansion chamber will bleed gas off at several angles to the axis of your barrel. These gases supply jet-like force just before, during, and after the projectile exits the barrel, resulting in redirection.

Take a close look inside the AR15 muzzle brake, and you’ll find that as a bullet exits the crown and rifled portion, it enters an oversized tunnel just through the AR muzzle brake. This tunnel needs to be oversized so that the bullet can enjoy free passage. Should the bullet touch the inside of the item with even the slightest amount of pressure, it can be thrown off and rendered in inaccurate. Hot gases tend to boil into the compensator the moment the bullet’s base exits the barrel, thus expanding violently and traveling several times faster than the actual projectile.

The most sophisticated of these tactical and quality products tend to incorporate both gas ports and expansion chambers. Sometimes there are large, rearward-angled ports integrated into the design. Usually, there are two or three large gas ports on either side and several smaller gas holes on top. AR15 brakes can be obscenely loud and extremely useful and are highly favored by rifle users when wanting to eliminate the effect of recoil. These products are typically set at a slight angle with the purpose of counteracting the rifle and work well in competitions. We stock a selection of hybrid, particular use, and severe-duty brakes for your rifles.

Mounting Solutions Plus also stock a comprehensive range of rifles and accessories. Take a look at our wide selection of affordable and quality tactical products today.