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Ameriglo Sights - Ameriglo Illuminated Night Sights

Ameriglo Sights - Ameriglo Illuminated Night Sights

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Night sight products have become increasingly popular and a backbone on an abundance of different firearms. While there has always been a familiar debate over the need for night sights, many enthusiasts are still on the lookout to gain as much help as they can get to shoot rounds accurately on a target when needed. Over the years, shooters will no doubt own and use a wide variety of night sights from an abundance of different manufacturers across the market, but here we will be taking a look at the famous AmeriGlo sights.

AmeriGlo is a brand that is renowned for offerings premium and high-quality solutions for quick target acquisition even in total darkness. These sights are ideal for home defense, and nighttime operations. The unique Tritium light source featured within the Ameriglo sights ensures that the sights are visible even without a form of incandescent light source.
What is AmeriGlo's Tritium?

Tritium is known as a form of a radioactive isotope of Hydrogen that can emit small electrons that can cause phosphors to glow. This can be harnessed to be used as self-powered lighting devices which are better known as beta light. Tritium is known to be used in many everyday products such as watches and night sights for firearms. Tritium is an incredibly expensive product and typically costs in the region of around $30,000 per every single gram.

It’s also worth noting that the sights from AmeriGlo are also marked as Trijicon sights. This is because the metal parts of the sights are manufactured by AmeriGlo, while the Tritium inserts are made by Trijicon.

AmeriGlo Sight Construction

All AmeriGlo sights come with a metal foundation with tritium for night time illumination. The AmeriGlo sights feature a tiny white ring situated around the tritium which is primarily used during the day. The overall construction and build of each of AmeriGlo sights are incredibly useful, just as you would already expect. They are exceptionally well made, and the housings are robust and very durable. The AmeriGlo sight styles vary but are always suited exceptionally well for the gun they are designed to be equipped too.

AmeriGlo Sight - Day Use

For typical daytime use, the AmeriGlo sights act like any other standard white 3-dot sight, just as you would expect. The illumination is not visible during normal lighting conditions. Even during lower lighting conditions, the lighting can barely be seen.

AmeriGlo Sight - Night Use

For use during the nighttime, many shooters will often prefer to use a sight set with a front sight that is an entirely different color than the rear sight. One of the primary reasonsß same color. A shooters depth perception can become awkwardly confusing. The AmeriGlo features both green front sight and yellow rear sight.

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