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AmeriGlo Glock Sights

AmeriGlo Glock Sights

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Ameriglo is an outstanding manufacturer of two primary products lines both the premium tactical chemical glow sticks and also the high precision weapon sights which are specially machined and manufactured from US-made bar stock steels and also assembled using only the highest-quality Swiss-made tritium light sources.

AmeriGlo’s Weapon Sight sector specializes in delivering their own unique proprietary iron sights as a consumer brand as well as a wide variety of branded line of sights for many big names within the firearms industry. If your factory firearm appears to feature a high-quality steel sight, then it may just be an AmeriGlo sight!

It’s no secret that AmeriGlo night sights are ingeniously powered by Trijicon’s different tritium tubes. With two high-quality brand names working on a single product, you can rest assured knowing you will be purchasing on the best quality on the market. Those who have not yet seen or experienced tritium sights during the nighttime but are experienced enough shooters to remember the favorite radium numbers featured on many brands of wrist watches can visualize almost precisely how a tritium night sight will look in the dark.

AmeriGlo's Trijicon front and rear sights function by using a tiny, sealed, glass vial of tritium which comes with a guaranteed life of up to 12 years. During this 12 years, it’s still guaranteed to provide the same brightness and glow as it did when it came straight out of the box. A sapphire constructed lens is designed to help distribute the glow from the tritium glow for the best visibility during the night. The front sight contains a tritium insert which is much larger than the inserts that are situated in the rear sight; this is to help increase its visibility. To protect the glass vial which contains the pressurized tritium gas, the glass container is cushioned by silicon rubber in an aluminum tube. Upon the sight you will notice that there is a white ring which is visible at the front sight, this is designed to catch the eye during daylight hours, and during the daylight, these typical flat top Patridge type sights are traditionally aligned usually.

AmeriGlo sights can be purchased through AmeriGlo dealers or online and can vary slightly in price depending entirely on the retailer. Tritium insert night sights can be used during daylight hours as the glow from the tritium light is not visible at all. There is most certainly a definite advantage over the standard ‘white dot’ sights during the nighttime so there is no real reason not to equip one on your Glock in the event you may need to call upon your firearm during low like or complete darkness.Also available from the famous brand AmeriGlo are standard and all metal (which feature no tritium inserts) front and rear sight sets for Glocks. These Patridge type sights are most certainly a worthwhile replacement for the standard Glock polymer sights, especially when they begin to show holster wear, which can be a common problem. The all-metal sights, unfortunately, do not glow in the dark, but they do, however, provide a good sight picture during the daylight hours and can last a lot longer than most polymer sights.

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