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Aimpoint T-1

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Anybody who has every participated in either simulated fight like IPSC competitions or a real tactical situation will tell you that the capability to swiftly acquire a target image is an essential feature in an optic. Consequently, red dot sights have for ages was the view of choice for shooters who need fast target acquisition together with pinpoint accuracy. Many shooters don't care for the concept of mounting a large, bulky, red dot sight on their firearms. Aimpoint has developed a micro version of their favorite red dot sights in the T-1 for them who wish To establish a red point sight on their firearms with no the weight of their more prominent models.

With a height of just 1.4 inches and width of only 1.6 inches, the Aimpoint T-1 Micro is among the smallest red dot sights available on the market to this day. Also, with a with a weight of only three oz., not only does it add hardly any mass to your favorite firearms, but it also adds minimum weight as well. It's been specially designed to supply the same battle ruggedness as the bigger Aimpoint sights, and therefore, it's acceptable for usage on pistols, carbines, rifles, submachine guns, and shotguns, and it's a perfect stand-alone sight.

Also, it may be easily mounted on any firearm with a Picatinny rail through the incorporated sight mount which adds just one ounce to the general weight. Also, it may be corrected to compensate for both windage and elevation. Therefore, with your 2 MOA red dot and a multi-layer coating on the objective lens, it serves as a perfect close range tactical/combat sight. Then Aimpoint Micro T-1 supplies a free sight film with a 1x magnification and natural eye relief also; it contains seven daylight brightness configurations combined with four-night vision configurations to be used with night vision apparatus.

Also, the rugged, extruded aluminum, the body is quite tough, and the black finish can be a great feature because it reduces glare and therefore, doesn't distract me when lifting my rifle or by raising my handgun into the firing position. The anti-reflective coating along with the multilayer coating on the objective lens provided a bright image view for a view with such a tiny objective lens also, with seven daylight brightness configurations to choose from. Aimpoint T-1 Micro is the best sight for anybody who needs fast target acquisition and pinpoints precision from their firearm without excess bulk. With 50, 000 hours of continuous use from a single lithium-ion battery, it eliminates the need to maintain the sight to conserve battery life and it's always ready for deployment in a tactical/combat situation.