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Ghost Tactical Connector

Ghost Tactical Connector

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The Ghost Tactical Connector 5.0 is the best trigger control connector for people who want to stay in stocks weights! The GHOST TACTICAL 5.0 lb. Trigger control connector is the very first ever TRIGGER CONTROL CONNECTOR especially designed for SELF TACTICAL, DEFENSE & SWAT APPLICATIONS. Now the TACTICAL has four debris holes making itself cleaning and giving it a far better texture, adding the spring up kit can give you a trigger with one action as close as possible to your 1911 which you may get out of better the trigger the better the cost. The TACTICAL demands matching better the trigger the better the even G43.

The Ghost Tactical Connector shortens trigger movement, eliminates over travel & gives a faster reset. This allows better the trigger the better. Superior hits are better. The better the trigger, the better the precision and faster you can shoot. Armorer or A Gunsmith should install this connector.