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AR-15 Carbon Fiber Handguard

AR-15 Carbon Fiber Handguard

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Carbon Fiber Handguard

Carbon Fiber Handguards

Another exciting concept is cool looking Brigand Arms braided carbon fiber handguard made on a platform of Carbon fiber reinforced polymers such as T700 carbon, and innovative mechanical design. The form of Brigand is full braided carbon composite cylinder all the way around shrouded within a protective jacket with solid metal end-caps. The main advantage of this ‘Open-Architecture Composite Structure' is its capability to withstand the heat of sustained firing dispersing off heat quickly while the handguard will cool faster after firing than with any competitive guard. After all, the Brigand Arms Carbon Fiber Handguard is the winner in the test of the lightest rail, but it is also an expensive piece of hardware.

However, some AR-15 handguards simultaneously fit into different categories. Regardless of aluminum, magnesium alloy or carbon fiber, they are made of; almost the entire aftermarket handguards offer the slightly better level of performance compared to the standard M4/AR15 two-piece polymer handguard. While on the one side, we have old OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) handguards and new metal forearms that combine the lightweight of a standard hand guard with modular flexibility, on the other side there are forearms constructed of aerospace-proven materials. The carbon forearm is constructed of high-strength, a heat-resistant polymer which provides operational durability without the weight and high price tag of an aluminum rail handguard. Reinforced carbon fiber forearms are equipped with an aluminum barrel nut and collar and tend to resist heat well, decreasing the amount of heat transferred to the shooter's hand even after lots of shooting. Also, the polymer construction makes handguards very lightweight compared to its old aluminum brothers without sacrificing strength, making an excellent option for AR-15 owners who want to try customizing their black rifle.

AR15 Handguard