2 To 1 Point Triglide - Convertible QD Sling Conversion Adaptor by Impact Weapons Components

2 To 1 Point Triglide - Convertible QD Sling Conversion Adaptor by Impact Weapons Components

2 To 1 Point Triglide - Convertible QD Sling Conversion Adaptor by Impact Weapons Components

2 to 1 point triglide-convertible QD sling conversion adaptor by impact weapons components

The benefits of the 2 to 1 point triglide are numerous. It makes quite easy, getting your 2 point sling converted into a 1 point sling, not minding whether its  newly acquired or been in use before. You can also smoothly maneuver from the two point sling to a one point sling when the need arises.

The 2 to 1 point triglide responds to your specific need at a particular time, whether you
Are on the move and you need to be able to maneuver quickly or for when you are carrying the weapon and you need to be well balanced. The unique push button quick detach sling swivel makes it the best convertible sling device for you.

The 2 to 1 point triglide gives you all the advantages of both sling types depending on what your momentary activities require.

What makes the 2 to 1 point triglide unique?

  • It’s equipped with a QD socket usable with any push button quick detach swing swivel
  • Highly compatible with HK type hooks and mash hooks
  • The rear end of any sling constructed with 1.00” &1.25” wide webbing can have it as an attachment.
  • Product allows you to cut back on as much as $50.00, and is more affordable when compared with certain new convertible type slings, like the MS2TM
  •  It is easy to carry, weighing only 20 ounces and comes with a micro adjustable mounting attachable anywhere on the sling.
  • CNC machined from billet 6061-t6 aluminum. Hard anodized type 111 per mil-a8625f
  •  2 to 1 point triglide is easy to install and comes with understandable instructions.
  • No gunsmitting. Product comes with 100% lifetime warranty. We refund not only your money, but the shipping charges as well.
  • 2 to 1 point is one of IWC ‘s mount –n- slot products,  made in Colorado.

 How the 2 to 1 point triglide works for you.

 Slings vary in usage, and each type comes with different features, some as advantages and others as disadvantages. For instance, when you are using a one point sling, its attachment with the rifle does not exceed the rear of the lower receiver. This attachment is done with the use of an end plate at a single point only. Now you see why it is called a one point sling.  There are no adjustments needed for the rifle to smoothly and quickly change to either the strong shoulder or the weak one. Shooting positions too do not require any adjustments from the user.
 However, the muzzle would begin to swing back and forth once the operator takes their hands off it.

 On the other hand, the attachment between the two point sling and the rifle comes at both front and rear. Remember, however that a one point sling would always be easier to maneuver than even the two point sling that comes with the most dynamic configuration.
But with your sling, you can be sure the 2 to 1 point triglide would make converting to your specific need for a particular situation as smooth as butter.

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