Vortex Monoculars

The Vortex Monoculars are rapidly grabbing the attention of many shooters, hunters, and monocular enthusiasts around the globe. At first glance, you will discover that the Vortex Monoculars are capable of easily fitting comfortably into the palm of your hand in terms of size, and is approximately five inches in length. Unsurprisingly, the Vortex Monoculars feature an incredibly robust and rugged rubber housing that acts as an armour, much like other optics that are available on today’s market. This rubber housing protects the Vortex from any bumps, knocks, or any accidental drops along the way. Despite the Vortex Monoculars being a little larger than most optics out there, they are still relatively compact and don’t create any fuss in terms of taking up space in your inventory.

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