Magpul AR-15 Handguards

Unsurprisingly Magpul has been around in the high-quality firearm accessory business since 1999. And if you are unfortunate enough to have never heard of the brand Magpul then you may have just been living under a rock all this time. Magpul is considered one of the leaders when it comes to high-quality, functional, reliable, and robust polymer products for the AR platform plus many other accessories too. You can expect the likes of grips, stocks, rail covers, slings, sights and handguards from Magpul. All of the products and accessories that Magpul produces are known as Magpul Original Equipment (or often referred to as MOE) are an entire line of accessories for your AR system. And the handguards for your AR-15 from Magpul will be manufactured with plenty of strength and an affordable price tag.

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