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Since the early 80's owner of UM Tactical had a passion for guns and working with metal so that he became a professional welder, tool and die, maker. With this experience, he was given a chance to make parts for army fast attack vehicles for Lockheed Martin Technology and the off-road racing industry. UM Tactical was formed to provide quality parts and also to share our knowledge in the gun industry. We pride ourself as a business which grows with the times as a weapon industry carries on to evolve.

With different patents under our belt along with a passion for firearms, Tactical UM is pleased to bring our revolutionary believing into the gun world with our entirely new UM3 Sight Mount. The UM3 Sight Mount has been designed for the majority of handguns that have an accessory rail and is revolutionary to the gun industry. The aim at UM Tactical is to continue to be innovators in the market by continuing to release new products in the future. At UM Tactical, our primary focus is client may have about our product.