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UM Tactical RAGE Compensators

UM Tactical RAGE Compensators

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Statistics say that most of the shooters have a decent level of anxiety every time they pull the firearm`s trigger. The fundamental reason for that concern is reflected in fear of recoil, i.e., the pain or discomfort. The recoil is an expression of Newton's third law of motion, which in our case could be described as while the bullet and hot gasses go forward, the gun goes backward.

Regardless of the physiological differences between the shooters, sensitivity to recoil affects almost all people, and it is empirically determined that about 15 ft. lbs. of recoil energy represent the upper limit of the average shooter's comfort level. The more powerful recoil than that level has a negative impact on the shooter, causing on considerably poorer aiming accuracy. The fact is that heavy magnum caliber rifles or handguns produce brutal recoil to the firer directly affecting the accuracy in comparison to the weapon with the lightest recoil. The hunters who are recoil-adverse would be able to place small caliber bullet cleanly in the vitals which is much more efficient than a missing a killing zone with big caliber because they jerk the trigger or flinching. The light recoil allows us to get better hits while the powerful one paired with intense muzzle blast by no means do not go along with good shooting.

As much of recoil sensitivity is psychologically based and it can be corrected, many gun authorities suggest that the novices in the shooting world begin their career by firing .22LR weapons and after that go on to the more powerful firearms they can manage. Most of them also recommend semi-auto rifles; hence auto-loaders can cut recoil significantly.

On the other side, to counteract this kind of shooters reaction, firearms manufacturers have offered a myriad of solutions and accessories in the form of recoil pads, muzzle breaks, ported barrels, or added weight in stock (like the mercury recoil reducers). However, all of the systems mentioned above are more or less successful, but the muzzle compensators proved to be the most efficient and functional.

UM Tactical of Lake Worth, Fla., is both a manufacturer of high-quality AR-15 firearm accessories and as well as mounts, compensators, and other related products. If you are looking for tunable muzzle brakes, also known as compensators, then you should pay attention to the UM Tactical creation designated as Rapid Adjustable Gas Expulsion Total Compensation System or shortened R.A.G.E. TCS.

As the most of us, the gun aficionados know; the primary role of muzzle devices is to divert exploding gunpowder gas and other particles at several angles to the axis of the barrel and thereby reduce muzzle climb and recoil. Mostly, this UM innovative product works by the same principle as others muzzle brakes, with only one “little” difference – it can be adjusted entirely to and fully configurable by the shooter himself.

With three models intended for three widely represented chamberings .223/5.56, .308 and 9mm UM Tactical RAGE has covered the majority of the commonly used rifle and handgun calibers in the world. While the .223 caliber itself has a minimal kick and no muzzle rise,30 caliber rifles are entirely different category generating from triple to seven times higher recoil energy. Definitely, ​UM Tactical RAGE TCS-308 effectively suppresses flip of the.30 caliber barrels in the following chamberings: 6.5mm, 6.8mm, 7mm, 300AAC, 300 Black Out, 30-06, .300 Winchester Mag, and .308 Winchester.

Benefits of the ​UM Tactical RAGE system are many, and they include:

  • Simple fixing
  • Felt recoil lessening, muzzle rise lessening
  • Muzzle rise control which is re-configurable enhances output and Target Acquisition.
  • Non-grind
  • Non-drill
  • Effortless cleaning