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Tapco SKS

Tapco SKS

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Anyone who considers themselves a serious weapon collector and the operator knows about the fantastic design of the antique SKS rifles. They still are considered an icon among rifles worldwide. To use such an older weapon efficiently, one has to make some changes to it. Materials have improved since those days and so have designs of various parts of the SKS. This is where we can help you with our extensive inventory of Tapco SKS accessories. Turn your old beauty into the mean machine it deserves to be with amazingly strong, military-grade parts.

Changing your old stock with a new, stronger one is a good place to begin improving your SKS rifle. Tapco’s SKS stocks are explicitly designed to be more durable, comfortable and customizable than the older stocks found on the SKS models. Add to that an extended magazine catch or a whole new SKS intrafuse system, and you’re ready to turn an old SKS into a modern weapon. If you love the quality of an older antique weapon in your hands, but also like modern technology’s benefits, we will help you fuse those two loves together with our Tapco SKS accessories.