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Tapco SKS Stocks

If you want to turn your old SKS rifle into a modern-day beauty, you certainly have to customize it a little bit. It is indeed worth the trouble as the SKS is an icon of a weapon and well worth its fame. What certainly needs to be changed first is the old stock into a new one. You might wonder why, and of course, there is a very specific answer to that: New materials just can’t be compared anymore to that old stuff they used back then. Military-grade materials are what are used to make our amazing Tapco SKS stock, nothing less than the best that is available.

Knowing that not every shooter has the same preferences Tapco SKS Stock have many setting to accommodate the needs of any size of weapon handler. The grips are just incomparably more comfortable and the hand protection vastly superior to the older models of stocks. Don’t forget that the stronger the stock, the more recoil your weapon can take without breaking and the less recoil the operator will feel. Improve your rifle now with our superior Tapco SKS Stock, and you won’t regret it.