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Syrac Ordnance Is No Longer Available

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Jason Adams initially founded Syrac Ordnance. Jason Adams is famous for establishing Adams Arms and also invented the very popular AR Piston Kit. Since leaving the company, Jason decided to significantly update the direct impingement system while also including the same level of creativity. He achieved this by developing a unique and innovative adjustable gas block which certainly addresses some of the most significant shortcomings of current gas block designs today.

Adjustable gas blocks are not considered as a new feature or piece of equipment. There is an abundance of aftermarket DGI gas blocks have also been spotted on the market for decades while many of the gas-piston operating systems still include and incorporate manually adjustable regulators. The first type of gas block typically relies heavily on the concept of robust set screws to control gas flow. A screwing in motions restricts the gas flow while unscrewing opens up the pathway for gas to flow through freely. One of the primary flaws in these adjustable aftermarket DGI designs is even with the typical thread-binding compounds that are applied; these adjustment screws can fall out, rotate out of alignment, or become so covered in carbon, future attempts to adjust them can cause badly stripped screw heads.

Syrac Ordnance's unique design also utilizes a screw to control the size of the gas port. Nevertheless, it differs significantly from other options on the current market. The screw features four longitudinal flutes, much like a tap, that can provide secure locking slots for a spring-loaded detent. This spring loaded detent protrudes out of the front of the gas block, right next to the adjusting screw. This means as long as one of the flutes is correctly lined up with the spring-loaded detent's internal locking tab respectively, the screw will always maintain the ‘locked’ position.

Syrac Ordnance advertises that its gas block features ‘infinite adjustment,’ sadly this isn’t entirely true, but it does adjust through the entire range, from fully closed to wide open. This is all represented by 17 different click positions. The screw can effortlessly be turned inward all the way until it stops moving (closed) or outward until it and the spring-loaded detent slide out from the gas block (this is not recommended for every time use). The installation of Syrac Ordnance products is exceptionally straightforward, literally as simple installing or swapping any regular gas block.

Typically most low profile gas blocks are high-quality. Nevertheless, the Syrac Ordnance is undoubtedly on the premium side both fit and finish. When Syrac Ordnance does just one thing, they do it exceptionally. Syrac Ordnance currently offers a set screw version and standard .750” both bolt-on (pinch style) of their adjustable gas blocks. These particular variations are fashioned from 416 stainless before being coated with melonite for that much-needed corrosion resistance and on the plus side, it also provides it with a unique appearance.