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SureFire X400 Overview

Ever wanted a flashlight that actually combines laser precision and distance, with white light luminosity and peripheral illumination? Well you need not look any further because the SureFire 400 is exactly that and much, much more. Built by with aerospace aluminum and having an anodized finish, this amazing flashlight is certain to withstand most taxing situations, including rough terrain and terrible weather. The amazing x400 light makes this flashlight ideal from close and medium distance combat, which is ideal for most law enforcement and urban situations. The lens design keeps the ray of light extremely concentrated, allowing just enough peripheral lighting as you need. The superior LED technology ensures amazing brightness, certain to stun any opposition in the dark.

The SureFire x400 can be easily attached and detached onto and off a Piccatiny rail, thanks to its special clamp system, making this flashlight extremely practical for stressful and sudden situations. This amazing piece of technology will work for 3.4 hours per battery continuously, serving you loyally whenever you need it. The switch offers you momentary or constant illumination, depending on your needs and can be handled with a single finger so you don’t lose your fighting position to use it. If you want the best of the best when it comes to illuminating a dark operation, then SureFire x400 will be the perfect piece of equipment for you!

SureFire X400

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