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Streamlight PolyTac

Streamlight PolyTac

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The famous brand Streamlight has always been considered as a "hands-on" company by many shooters and hunters alike. The company was first started out trading back in 1973, which has given them decades to perfect many of their most beautiful accessories. The manufacturers and engineers at Streamlight are known to take part in rigorous training for firefighting and have also spent time with fishers, sports, and outdoor enthusiasts, and even huntsmen to perfect their products. Dabbling in real-world experiences, it has led Streamlight to brand new ideas and bespoke innovations that set Streamlight apart from their competition.

The Streamlight Polytac Flashlight has been designed to be super tight and is built for high-level impact with its resistant polymer housing. The nylon polymer body works flawlessly and provides an incredible level of durability to the flashlight and is also O-ring sealed at all openings which allow for a high level of weather resistance. The LED technology is not affected by shock and is capable of provides up to 275 lumens of illumination, which is incredibly generous from such a lightweight flashlight. This Flashlight is not only exceptionally lightweight in comparison to other popular flashlights on today’s market, but it’s also robust, durable, bright, and is an ideal flashlight for a significant number of different applications.

The Streamlight PolyTac Flashlight is part of Streamlight's impressive and incredibly popular tactical line of lightweight LED flashlights and now features two different brightness settings. The PolyTac Flashlight from Streamlight has explicitly been manufactured for high performance, which is excellent news for individuals who like to give their equipment a hard time. The 1.7-inch diameter of the flashlight’s head that features on the Streamlight PolyTac comes with a deep reflector that has been specially engineered to focus the light from the flashlight’s LED into a bright and powerful beam that is capable of projecting light up to 902 feet away. The Streamlight PolyTac Flashlight is capable of running for up to 56 hours (on a low setting) on just two regular CR123 lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are known to come with a 10-year shelf life and are also great performers during extreme temperatures, which is excellent news if you are planning on stocking up on them.

The PolyTac line from Streamlight utilizes polymer technology for their product’s housing rather than the more commonly found machined aluminum. This is because the polymer is solid and lighter in weight when compared to the likes of aluminum. The PolyTac from Streamlight features a more massive head which allows for further beam reach than the regular PolyTac flashlight, but the great news is, despite the more massive head, it can still be pocket carried around with ease.