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Short Vertical Grips

Short Vertical Grips

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Short vertical grips, referred to as stubby foregrips or stubby vertical grips, are compact grips designed for firearms. These grips are shorter than traditional vertical grips and are meant to be more discreet and streamlined. They can be attached to a firearm's handguard or rail system and provide a comfortable and secure grip.

There are several benefits to using a short vertical grip. One of the main advantages is that these grips are more compact and lightweight than traditional vertical grips, making them ideal for use on firearms with small or lightweight handguards. They are also easier to maneuver in tight spaces or moving through dense foliage.

In addition to their compact size, short vertical grips also offer improved handling and accuracy. By providing a stable and ergonomic grip on the firearm, short vertical grips can help to reduce hand fatigue and improve overall control. Some short vertical grips have added features such as storage compartments or bipod mounts that can be useful in certain shooting situations.

Overall, short vertical grips are a popular choice among firearms enthusiasts and professionals who want a compact and lightweight grip that improves handling and accuracy. If you are in the market for a new short vertical grip, consider checking out the selection of stubby foregrips, stubby vertical grips, and short vertical grips available at Mounts Plus.

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