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Samson Keymod Evolution Series Overview

The next generation of rails from Samson are the free float rails known as the Samson Evolution KeyMod series. These handguards give you all the same features as the original series of Evolution handguards, with additional KeyMod slots at the 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock positions.

These free float rails are fully customizable AR-15 handguards, attaching to a standard barrel nut with a two-piece stainless steel thermal bushing. Two locking tabs ensure the rail stays stationary during stress, and the thermal bushing and spacious ventilation slots help keep the heat from conducting from the weapon to the handguard and into the operator’s hand.

The Evolution features a continuous top rail that allows you to mount your optics anywhere along the top of the rifle, allowing same-plane iron sights to be mounted as well. The top rail is also relieved to accept most after-market piston conversion systems, so the rail is sure to fit even your customized AR-15.

The Samson Evo KeyMod handguards are fully compatible with all Samson and aftermarket KeyMod direct attach accessories, and the 1.56” diameter tube allows suppressors to fit underneath.

Installing your new Samson Evolution free float rail does not require any special tools. Because the standard barrel nut (not included) is used to mount the handguard just to the delta ring, you have to remove the weld spring and snap ring. This means you can install the EVO rail system without removing the barrel from the upper receiver, as long as you cut the delta ring to remove it.