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Samson Manufacturing

Samson Manufacturing

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Samson Manufacturing Overview

Certainly one of the premiere manufactures of parts and accessories for firearms, particularly the AR-15 series, Samson Manufacturing has established itself as one of the best in the industry. Headquartered in Keene, New Hampshire, Samson Manufacturing offers over 24 years of experience in the design and creation of many types of firearm products that include the following;

  • Optics
  • Magnifier Mounts
  • Fixed & Folded Rifle Sights
  • Kalashnikov Hand Guards & More

Samson Manufacturing combines traditional CNC machining techniques with advanced, state of the art engineering to create firearm product that exceed industry standards. It’s little wonder why this company has become a favorite with firearm enthusiasts thanks to their commitment, dedication, high quality designs and materials used in the creation of their products.

Samson Manufacturing serves the public as well as firearm dealers directly with the products that they create. Thanks to their numerous channels of distribution, Samson provides high quality firearm products at competitive prices. For consumers, they get high value for the cost while firearm distributors get a wealth of top of the line parts and accessories.

Product Design & Development

The product and development team at Samson creates custom design builds as well as OEM projects as well. Their focus is to design and create custom products that are precision manufactured using plastic injection molds or CNC aluminum manufacturing techniques to meet the needs of their customers and clients.

In addition to their efforts in designing, Samson also has established strong relations with the military, law enforcement and competition organizations that use their products. Currently, Samson sponsors a professional shooting team that makes appearances around the country. Plus, Samson also sponsors a three gun nation pro tour for the ladies and is actively involved in encouraging more women to get involved in the firearm community.