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Precision Armament

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Precision Armament is contemporary CNC manufacturing center based in Wellsville NY; Precision Armament specializes in high-end strategic firearm accessories including muzzle devices/accessories, range rails, control accessories, and recoil lugs. Intended primarily to be used on purpose constructed strategic weapons in addition to high-performance competition and hunting rifles, our products are designed with a focus on rock solid credibility as well as precision, lightweight, and ergonomics. From the use of sophisticated FEA applications to multi axis machining of exotic materials, we use advanced technology to continuously offer our clients the absolute best products out there.

Whether your life's on the line or the search of a lifetime at stake, you can depend on our products from unique and unrivaled performance and also assure this; each Precision Armament merchandise is backed by a full life Guarantee.

Through innovative thinking along with the most recent computer aided engineering technologies, state of the art manufacturing, and advanced materials and coatings, our mission is to develop ultra performance strategic products which are competitively priced, to meet even the toughest civilian, military, and law enforcement customers.