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Precision Armament

Precision Armament

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Precision Armament is a modern CNC manufacturing center based in Wellsville, NY; They specialize in high-end tactical firearm accessories, including muzzle devices/accessories, range rails, control accessories, and recoil lugs. Intended primarily to be used on purpose constructed strategic weapons in addition to high-performance competition and hunting rifles, Precision Armament products are designed with a focus on rock-solid credibility as well as precision, lightweight, and ergonomics. From the use of sophisticated FEA applications to multi-axis machining of exotic materials, Precision Armament uses advanced technology to continuously offer our clients the absolute best products out there.

Whether your life's on the line or the search of a lifetime at stake, you can depend on their products from unique and unrivaled performance and also assure this; a full life Guarantee backs each Precision Armament product.

Through innovative thinking along with the most recent computer-aided engineering technologies, state of the art manufacturing, and advanced materials and coatings, Precision Armament's mission is to develop ultra-performance strategic products that are competitively priced, to meet even the toughest civilian, military, and law enforcement customers.

Popular Precision Armament Products:

  1. Precision Armament M4-72 - Highlights an imaginative converse venting two fold confound plan for the most astounding backlash diminishment in its class.
  2. Precision Armament Accu-Washer - The most precise and easy to use muzzle device alignment system on the market.
  3. Precision Armament EFAB - Combines superior muzzle control with effective flash suppression even on barrels as short as 10 inches.
  4. Precision Armament M4-72 AK-47 Severe-duty - innovative reverse venting double baffle design for the highest recoil reduction in its class.
  5. Precision Armament AFAB - Combines the performance of both a dedicated flash hider and a dedicated compensator.
  6. Precision Armament M11 - A big symmetrical blast baffle, seal with two front baffles
  7. Precision Armament Tactical Bolt Knob - Fully machined from light-weight high strength 7075-T6 aluminum bar.
  8. Precision Armament M41 - not only provides maximum recoil reduction but also reduces the torsional recoil force associated with heavy bullets and fast twist rates.
  9. Precision Armament Hypertap - Advanced Convergent-Divergent port geometry yields an unprecedented recoil reduction of over 84%

What people are say about Precision Armament muzzle brakes:


Like most others, I spent a couple of days thinking over whether or not I needed to spend this much money on the loudest brake in the world. I mounted this on a 20".223 Wylde with the PA alignment kit (totally worth the money), and the gun doesn't move. Follow up shots are easy and smooth, recoil is minimal. I don't think this brake is any louder than others, but mine is on a 20" barrel. Shorter barrels may experience more percussion. Cry once, spend the money.

- Rich C,

Precision Armament has Incredible recoil reduction

Besides looking awesome, Precision Armament has a fantastic amount of recoil reduction!! Very well worth the money!! Makes shooting my AR-10 much nicer! I would recommend to anyone wanting to tame the recoil of higher power cartridges.

- Lancer

Precision Armament does exactly what is advertised

This muzzle brake does precisely what is advertised. It eliminates rearward recoil and makes the over gassed AK 47 feel like a 5.56 AR. It does this at a cost. The shooter is bombarded with muzzle blast, anyone to each side is also hit with an ear-shattering noise and muzzle blast. This brake, at least on my gun, opened up the groups by a full inch compared to a BRD-2 or a Lantac Drakon at 100 yards. So, if you have an AK that you take to the range and shoot it just for fun, this is the muzzle brake for you. It stops cheek slap and the bruising recoil created by the stock slant brake, but be aware that the people next to you are not going to like it. If you wear a hat to the range, be prepared to either take it off or pick it up often. Also, be aware that while incredibly soft shooting will cause permanent hearing damage to the shooter, or anyone close by so hearing protection with this device is a must.

- Mitchell

Amazing muzzle break

Amazing compensator. Installed and fired it the same day and holy carp, what a fantastic improvement. Almost no recoil but very loud. Still worth the money. I would defiantly recommend this to a friend, and I plan on getter more for my other rifles.

- Nick


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