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The PKM-RAP rail system is one of the world’s known quick-attach/detach rail mounting made available for PK/PKM/PKMS/6P41 light machine guns. It’s designed in such a way to allow for quick mounting and adaptability of all electro-optical sighting or military standard optical, as well as target designing devices directly to the top cover of the unmodified host-weapons via a fast and highly secured universal attachment and through its Mil=Spec M1913-standard rail interface.

The RAP unit is mounted on the weapon’s iron sight bases through a secured locking mechanism that allows for the unit to be attached to even damaged top-covers, and yet still allowing for fast securing and dismounting without any tools. It’s also fitted with an impact-drop safety mechanism.

One can mount/dismount the PKM-RAP system with only one hand in less than 4 seconds, without any requirement for modification to the already existing iron sight’s arrangement. If the tactical environment suddenly shifts while the weapon is being employed, thereby requiring the use of an optical sight, the user can  immediately mount the PKM-RAP system with the optics already attached. Once done with the first installation and zeroing, subsequent re-attachment or removal of the PKM-RAP mount will allow the attached optics to instantly return to the combat zero.
The RAP mount is removable in less than 4 seconds, thereby making the weapon return to full effectiveness with the use of the normal iron sights. The unit is made to match all European/ComBloc variations of the PK/PKM/PKMS weapons produced in Hungary, Russia, Romania, Poland, etc., which are already equipped with the standard rear iron sight base.