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Machine Gun for PK & PKM

The PK is a machine gun of 7.62mm which serves numerous uses. Its design was carried out in the Soviet Union and Russia presently manufacturers it. The launching of the PK machine gun took place in the 1960s and substituted the machine guns for RPD and SGM for use in the Soviet.

It is possible to utilize the PK machine gun as an anti-aircraft weapon (light) when it is placed on an AA mount. A feature which is normally found on machine guns in the Soviet is the usual model feeds from the side; it drives out its used cases through an ejection port on the weapon’s left side; this is in contrast to the right side ejection port found in majority of machine guns in the West.

Specifics of Design

The first PK, also known as ‘Kalashnikov’s Machinegun’ or Pulemyot Kalashnikova (Пулемёт Калашникова) was an advancement of the automatic rifle design of Kalashnikov; it fires the Eastern Bloc usual ammunition of 7.62x54mmR, initially from the Mosin-Nagant.
It is fixed with a plain bipod and is formulated as a support weapon of squad-level and is appropriate also for setting up and car mounting. Many are belt-fed by utilizing connected 25 circular belts. These 25-circular belts can be connected to any length, if need be.

Manufacturing Position

The PKM as well as other editions manufactured in Russia are presently exported to a lot of countries. In addition, a lot of editions are produced locally throughout the world. The PK is manufactured by Zastava Arms while licensed as M84 (together with PKT as M86) and it is still utilized in a lot of successor countries that were previously Yugoslav. Russian Pecheneg is an enhancement that is most recent; it has a forced barrel for air cooling which cannot be extracted in the field for fast substitution, which is odd for a contemporary machine gun.