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Mossberg 930 Stock

Mossberg 930 Stock

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What people are saying about these Mossberg 930 Stocks :


I had read a few of the reviewers comments prior to purchasing the Mesa Mossberg 930 Stock and was looking for a struggle to get it work properly. I watched the installation video, did as instructed and every thing went together smoothly. Though I do wish in the video they showed backing the spring tube out a little to allow the bolt to lock. The shorter length of pull is great also, taking it out to shoot this weekend


Worth every penny!

This Mossberg 930 Stock completely changes the balance of the Shotgun. I had the Choate stock, which was long, awkward, had a horrible pistol grip, and just down right fugly. This stock drastically reduces felt recoil and gives the 930 better balance (not so front heavy). The instructions are very detailed, and if you run into a problem, the helpful people at Mesa Tactical will talk you through it! Great people, amazing product, and awesome customer service. I can't tell you how much this stock improved the ergonomics of my Mossy. Not to mention that is looks way better now. "The poor man's Benelli"

Big Gib

Mesa Tactical, THE BEST MOSSBERG 930 STOCK. Period.

Installed a Urbino Stock on my Mossberg 930 and it performs like a dream. The fit is perfect. The grip feels great in the hand. Easy straightforward installation. The only issue is that some Mossberg 930's have the nut stick to the spring tube. If this happens, you'll have to email Mesa and they will send you the correct replacement nut. But I'm told this happens to less than 20% of Mossberg 930s. If you think it will be an issue, email Mesa and have it in hand BEFORE you start to change stocks. Could save some misery.


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