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Mossberg 500 Scope Mount | ON SALE

Mossberg 500 Scope Mount | ON SALE

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Looking to upgrade your Mossberg 500 shotgun with a scope or other optics? Mounts Plus has a wide selection of scope mounts specifically designed for the Mossberg 500.

Our scope mounts are designed to fit securely on your shotgun, providing a stable platform for attaching your optics. We offer various options, including Picatinny rails made from aircraft-grade aluminum, traditional ring mounts, and modern quick-detach mounts.

Our Mossberg 500 Picatinny rails feature a series of slots that allow you to easily attach your scope or other optics. These rails are designed to fit perfectly on your shotgun, providing a secure and stable mounting platform.

Whether using your Mossberg 500 for hunting or tactical purposes, a scope mount is a must-have accessory. Be sure to check out our Mossberg 500 scope mounts selection to find the perfect fit for your needs. We have the best Mossberg 500 rail options to help you get the most out of your shotgun.

What people are saying about the Mossberg 500 Mounts:

Works great on a Mossberg 500

Used it to mount a mini red dot. I struggle quickly and consistently mounting the shotgun and getting accurate hits on clays. Hoping a red dot sight will help. The mount itself is solid, locks into ribs on the receiver. No issues with length, safety, etc. It does overhang the barrel about an inch, it's made to and is not a problem on a 500. The only downside is that it raises the sights up off the barrel and needs getting used to.

Top Slot!

A perfect way of providing a mount for scope or red dot sight on your favorite Mossberg 500 shotgun. Installs in seconds with provided screws (use blue thread locker). I mounted this on a Mossy 500 20-gauge.


Good Base to Build On!

Needing a scope base on which to mount a laser sight for a Mossberg 500 20-gauge, I decided to give this product a try. The fit is perfect and all holes lined up right the first time. A little dab of blue threadlocker on the screws (let it set-up for a bit before installing the screws)and the base is rock steady.


Works perfect.

Got this EGW picatinny rail for mossberg 500 to mount optics/red dot sight to a 12 ga. 500 defense shotgun. 18" bead sight cyl. choke barrel works great for shooting slugs, and magnum buckshot at short range, for hog and deer hunting in thickets and swamps. Mounted an EoTech 512 on the rail, both eyes open and lightning fast, and enough precision to use Brenneke slugs to 100 yds.+ if needed. Excellent setup for bear protection or home defense, depending on load. Use loc-tite, and be careful not to strip the holes in the aluminum receiver.


Perfect fit at a great price

I bought this Mossberg 500 Scope Mount to put a scope on my turkey gun. It was easy to install due to the perfect fit and tightened the scope for sighting with high-power Turkey loads. You can't beat the price when comparing this base with ones sold by the gun manufacturer.


Well-made at great price

Purchased this mossberg 500 optic mount for my red dot. It fit perfectly and has held up well to use over time as I have taken the red dot scope on and off depending on the day. I do not baby this gun and the base has worn well.


Easy to Install

I used mossberg 500 scope mount on a 12 ga. I put an EoTech 512 on mine, and it's unbelievably fast and accurate on target! I had it on an AR, then scoped the AR , so it was available. A Micro Aimpoint would work even better, small and very light. Good luck!


Solid option considering the price of other brands

This mossberg 500 picatinny rail has held up to about 100 rounds of 12 Gauge birdshot and a few boxes of OO Buck. The EGW Mount does a great job giving me the ability to mount a TRS-25 Red Dot. This seems to fit the bill if you want to mount a shotgun optic. I may go and use blue Loctite for some insurance, but it's been fine without it thus far. There is a section that sticks out past the end of the shotgun receiver just a little, but it hasn't seem to get caught on the scabbard at all.


Mossberg 500 Scope Mount

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The distinction between inferior quality and premium Scope Mount is undeniable. At MSP, we only offer mounts and Mossberg 500 accessories from the most trusted brands. Buy with confidence that we stand behind the product we sell.