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Mossberg 500 Heat Shield

Mossberg 500 Heat Shield

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The Mossberg 500 is a versatile shotgun popular for hunting, home defense, and law enforcement. Adding a heat shield to your Mossberg 500 can improve its performance and appearance. A heat shield is a panel that attaches to the shotgun's barrel and protects the shooter from the heat generated when firing the weapon. This is especially useful when firing multiple rounds in quick succession, as the barrel can get very hot. In addition to providing heat protection, many heat shields also have a Picatinny rail system, allowing you to attach additional accessories like lasers or lights. Installing a heat shield on a Mossberg 500 is typically straightforward, with most heat shields coming with mounting hardware and instructions. Overall, a heat shield is a practical accessory for any Mossberg 500 owner looking to enhance the performance and appearance of their shotgun.

What people are saying about the Mossberg 500 heat shields:

I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record.. ATI has done it again. Another perfect it. I have bought 4 items from ATI now and not one issue with any of them. They have put a lot of time into there Research and development.

Fair price, fair product

This mossberg 500 heat shield looks pretty good with my Magpul Shotgun Stock set up. It takes a lot of clamping and squeezing to get it to fit under the MOE forend but it's possible. At this price, it’s hard not to give it a shot and it was worth my time.

Travis S.

Fits the 20 gauge Shockwave!

Yes this does fit the Mossberg 500 20 gauge without mods. The only thing you have to do is screw on the mag tube cap while you’re sliding the barrel back in place. The same goes for removal, both must be done together. Great quality heat shield at a very good price!

David S.

heat shield

Bought this for a new Mossberg 500 with ghost ring sights and pistol grip stock. Finishes it off perfectly. Very satisfied with the fit but finish could be a little better but nothing a little spray paint won’t fix. Overall very happy with heat shield.

Rusty P.

Great Product

I am thrilled with my purchase, it is attached easily to my Mossberg 500 12ga, and it looks fantastic. I put about 30-40 target rounds through it at the range, and the shield held tight and did not move. The only reason I can’t give this a 5-star is that the ghost-ring sights seem to be low and the rear sight is not adjustable. I would gladly have paid more for an adjustable rear sight on this product.

Ivon S.

This Heat Shield is great!

This mossberg 500 heat shield is great! I also have it on my 590 and both have one on them. Plus I shoot my guns alot, ulike some of the Mall Ninjas. Good craftmanship and it does not come loose if you are half way mechanical and you dont put it on like a one handed gerbil. Its great and you should buy one.

Mossberg Heat Shield

I installed this heat shield on my son's Mossberg 500. The instructions for installing are straightforward and quite easy to do.It is not required to remove the shield when the need to remove the barrel and field strip the weapon for cleaning..The finish of the shield is a "very close" match to the Mossberg Shotgun. My son has fired the gun many times, and the shield has not shifted from it's position..


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