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Matador Arms

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Located in Western Canada, Matador Arms provides new and exciting products to the Canadian firearms community.  We started with some much-needed and anticipated SKS accessories. We figured out that producing high-quality products at reasonable prices was what we loved to do, so we branched out into other firearms accessories, and keep adding to both our idea and product lists!

Why'd we start with the SKS?'s why!:

We have long been fans of the SKS. It’s the go-to rifle for many Canadian shooters. It’s a fun, durable gun. Combine this with its price and the availability of surplus ammo, and what’s not to love?

But, it’s time we upgrade this timeless classic to give more impact.  The SABERTOOTH is a versatile, full-metal stock that does just that.  It's as durable and dependable as the rifle itself.  (Finally, an alternative to all that plastic)! This aluminum stock gives you the freedom to customize your SKS.