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M1A Scope Mount / M14 Scope Mount

M1A Scope Mount / M14 Scope Mount

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M1A Scope Mount

If you're a fan of the M1A rifle and want to improve your accuracy and precision while shooting, then a scope mount is a must-have accessory. The M1A is a classic rifle, originally designed for military use, but has now become a favorite of sportsmen and enthusiasts. Mounting a scope on your M1A rifle can help you get better aim and increase your overall shooting performance.

At MountsPlus, we offer a wide selection of M1A scope mounts that are designed to fit a variety of M1A models. Whether you have a standard or scout configuration, our M1A scope mounts are the perfect way to upgrade your rifle's accuracy and enhance your shooting experience.

Our M1A scope mounts are made from high-quality materials, ensuring that they are both durable and reliable. We offer mounts made from steel, aluminum, and polymer, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The mounts are designed to be easy to install, and most of them require no gunsmithing or modification to your rifle.

One of our most popular M1A scope mounts is the Sadlak M1a Scope Mount . This mount is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and has a low profile, which allows you to maintain a good cheek weld when shooting. It is designed to fit both the standard and scout configurations of the M1A rifle and has a Picatinny rail that allows you to attach a wide variety of scopes and other accessories.

Another popular option is the ARMS #18 M1A Scout Scope Mount. This mount is made from steel and has a simple design that makes it easy to install. It is specifically designed for the scout configuration of the M1A rifle and has a Picatinny rail that allows you to mount your favorite scope or optic.

No matter which M1A scope mount you choose, you can rest assured that it will be of high quality and built to last. At MountsPlus, we take great pride in our products, and we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience.

In addition to our M1A scope mounts, we also offer a variety of other accessories for the M1A rifle, including bipods, slings, and magazines. So, whether you're a seasoned shooter or a new enthusiast, we have everything you need to get the most out of your M1A rifle.

Choosing the Best M1A Scope Mount & M14 Scope Mount

To own the perfect M1A rifle means to also own an amazingly high-quality scope with it. The ability to aim and see further away is mandatory when handling this fantastic rifle, so a good scope makes all the difference in the world. Even the best scope won’t be worth much if it is unstably attached to your weapon. It might fall with the smallest shock, and the scope will also be prone to break if it is steady. Above all your vision won’t be appropriately enhanced if your scope isn’t fastened as it should be.

All this is easily rectified by buying a decent M1A scope mount. Our mounts are made from very high-quality durable materials. Above all, they are designed to fit your weapon firmly and hold your scope in place with absolute steadiness. This way you can get the most out of your scope and your weapon as a whole, because of our high-quality scope mounts. It is highly advised to get your solid scope mount and be sure that you can rely on your equipment with a hundred percent certainty, no matter the situation.

Popular M1A Scope Mount

  1. Sadlak Airborne Scope Mount - 9.0 oz 20% Lighter than our standard steel mount
  2. Arms 18 Mount - Has maintained its reputation as being the best Scope Mount.
  3. Sadlak M1A Steel Scope Mount - milling to original USGI specifications.
  4. Sadlak Industries M14 Aluminum Scope Mount - aluminum version is lighter in weight and lower in cost
  5. Sadlak Industries M1A Titanium Scope Mount
  6. Aim Sports M14/M1A Side Scope Mount m1402 - an ultra-sleek, lightweight upgrade for your M1A rifle.


What people are saying these M1A Scope Mounts:

I highly recommend this Sadlak M14 Mount over any other type.

I highly recommend this Sadlak M1A scope mount over any other type. A little more expensive, but works as advertised. Did not have to have a gunsmith or beat into alignment like some of the others. Less chance of stripping the screws out, and this mounts much better. Good instructions. Get your M1A Scope Mount for Sale at MSP, you will not regret it.


The best M1a Mount

The ARMS 18 is lowest profile mount possible( sits below iron sights). I found them to be 100% reliable, used on an M1a standard with flat warne QD mounts. This allowed me to have a proper cheek weld without a riser. Was later mounted on a SOCOM 2 with similar results. I had a gunsmith install this to ensure an appropriate fit. I did a lot of research before deciding on this mount; it exceeded all expectations. I am not a big fan of aluminum mounts; steel is my go-to. Not cheap but worth the price. Amazon had the lowest price I could find.

I am thrilled with this M1a Mount

The M1A Scope Mount was of the highest quality. Excellent fit that holds zero and also allows users to utilize iron sights. I completely exceeded my expectations. Instructions and all tools needed for installation were included. I am thrilled with this purchase, and I will plan on buying another.


Installed on the 2013 Springfield M1A Standard.

The installation of this M1A Scope Mount went very well.

I used the included gauges to confirm my M1A receiver was machined correctly to accept this mount. The #12-32 UNEF threaded hole in the receiver on my rifle was already clean and well threaded, so I didn't need to chase the thread. If your gun has messed up or filthy threads, stop and fix that problem.

Read the instructions and make sure you have the proper tools to install this scope mount. In addition to what comes with the mount, you will need a wood or brass mallet, a 3/32nd punch (to remove the rifle's stripper clip guide roll pin), 3/8" Box wrench or socket (Same size as the rifle's gas cylinder plug), small block of wood, so you don't mar the finish of the rifle or scope mount, tube of Prussian blue from the auto parts store, and an inch-lb torque wrench.

While the instructions don't expressly state it, leave the stock off the rifle while installing the mount. It makes it easier to see that the mount is engaging the machined slot in the side of the receiver.

The Picatinny style scope ring I had on hand fit the rail with no issue. And did the few Picatinny accessories I have to test with. Not exhaustive test on my part, but with several items from different manufacturers bolting up to the mount without any problems, I gather the mount has the correct dimensions.

Mounted a Leupold VX-I 4-12x 40mm. No issues with alignment with the bore. After 50 rounds of Lake City M118, no problems with the mount loosening.


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