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Leupold Rifleman Rings

Leupold Rifleman Rings

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Experience Unmatched Performance with Leupold Rifleman Rings

Welcome to MountsPlus, your one-stop-shop for all shooting accessories. We are proud to offer our esteemed customers the Leupold Rifleman Rings - a testament to precision, performance, and reliability.

The Leupold Legacy: Trust and Performance

Over the years, Leupold has established a strong legacy in the world of shooting accessories, and the Leupold Rifleman Rings are no exception. They represent the perfect blend of craftsmanship, quality, and the brand's unwavering commitment to empowering shooters with the best equipment possible.

Unmatched Quality of Leupold Rifleman Rings

Each pair of Leupold Rifleman Rings is meticulously crafted to ensure perfect alignment and maximum scope-to-ring contact. These rings are made of durable, aircraft-grade aluminum, promising you a product that is both lightweight and strong. They are the epitome of reliability, meeting Leupold's high-quality standards.

Effortless Installation and Superior Hold

Installing your Leupold Rifleman Rings is a seamless process. They are designed to provide a solid connection between your rifle and scope. Thanks to the windage-adjustable rear ring, precise adjustments can be made effortlessly. Rest assured, your scope will stay secure, even during heavy recoil.

Leupold Rifleman Rings: Versatile and Compatible

Our Leupold Rifleman Rings are versatile, compatible with a wide array of rifles and scopes. No matter the shooting scenario, these rings will help you achieve the precision and stability that every shooter dreams of.

Your Best Shot Starts Here: Leupold Rifleman Rings at MountsPlus

Whether you're a professional marksman or a weekend hunting enthusiast, our Leupold Rifleman Rings are a must-have. They offer the strength and durability Leupold is known for, giving you the confidence to take that perfect shot.

At MountsPlus, we are committed to providing only the best in shooting accessories. Purchase your Leupold Rifleman Rings today and experience the difference that quality makes.

Ready to upgrade your shooting experience? Buy your Leupold Rifleman Rings today! Enjoy superior quality, performance, and MountsPlus's commitment to your satisfaction.

What people are saying abou the Leupold Rifleman Rings:

I have had these scope rings on ...

I have had these scope rings on my Remington 700 .270 Win for about five years now. The Leupold Rifleman Rings are rock solid, and I have never had to re-tighten them or re-adjust the scope since it was zeroed.


I have two sets of these ...

I have two sets of these Leupold Rifleman Rings and have found them to be simplistic and fully functional. They are mounted on a Marlin 336 30-30 and a Marlin 444P Outfitter. They are high enough to allow the scopes to clear the hammers and spurs, yet are low enough to give a good cheek weld. I was told to expect problems with them on the 444, but have not had any. The gun holds its zero trip after the trip. No issues with the 30-30, either. After all, they're Leupold. And the price is reasonable, too!


Quality lightweight rings

Fit and finish are perfect. Excellent mounting to factory Ruger 10/22 scope base or Picatinny style base. I purchased these Leupold Rifleman Rings mostly for their low weight (aluminum rings) on my 10/22, and they have performed flawlessly. The medium height rings were just right on a Ruger takedown when mounting a Nikon 3-9x40 scope.

The Bear

Awesome scope rings!

Awesome scope rings! I threw a set on my Savage .17HMR and never had to touch them again. They worked so well, and with such clean lines that I threw a set on my Mini-14 scout scope attached to an Ultimak forward mounting system and with all the abuse they have taken there they have never budged, they always keep their zero even when taken off and re-installed for cleaning.


I highly recommend these ...

I highly recommend these Leupold Rifleman Rings for both quality and price. They have an excellent matte finish, and they are easy to install. I mounted these on a .50 caliber muzzleloader and sighted it in. I haven't had a chance to hunt with these yet, but they held the scope securely during sight in.


I have these scope rings ...

I have these Leupold Rifleman Rings installed on numerous rifles in calibers ranging from .243 up to .300 Win. Mag. No problems, what-so-ever! I especially like the slim design, and the price just can't be beaten! I have recommended these scope rings to many shooters who have had scope-bolt handle clearance problems. Long live Leupold and their excellent products!


Very satisfied with Scope Rings

I installed this ring set on my Marlin 336, 30-30, and mounted a Weaver 3-9x40 scope. The scope is substantial and has not loosened or moved in the rings. The reason for the solid mount is that I aligned and lapped the rings before installing the scope using a Wheeler lapping kit. Using the 1" dia. Hardened steel bar and lapping compound I proceeded until about 90% of the finish on the inside of the rings were gone. This indicated that the large majority of the inside ring surfaces were aligned and concentric circles. The scope was mounted by carefully tightening the ring screws in small increments on either side of the scope.


Good Scope Rings for an American Rimfire

I mounted these medium rings on my Ruger American Rimfire, and they mate well with the #12 weaver bases with a Bushnell 4x32 rimfire scope. You must take care to tighten the scope clamp screws to just over SNUG methodically, or you could crush your scope tube. Suggestion: Ignore the free shipping cough up 4.95 and get them three days earlier.UPS's innovative shipping is too slow.


Good quality

Bought these to replace the rings that came with a Simmons scope. The Simmons rings did not fit the factory Ruger 10/22 mount. These rings fit the Ruger mount perfectly. I am thrilled with the Leupold Rifleman rings.


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