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Leupold QRW2 Rings

Leupold QRW2 Rings

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What people are saying about the Leupold QRW2 Rings:

Convenience and accuracy

My gun safe is tight on room, so no scopes allowed. Also, I switch four scopes and a red dot among five rifles and a shotgun. Leupold QRW2 Rings save a lot of time mounting or removing scopes. I am gradually switching all to this system: 3 sets so far and no problems. I have had good luck with Leupold products in general. Note: can avoid scratching scope by spreading ring tops slightly using a small Allen wrench in a screw hole on each side and squeezing ends as you lower onto the range.

Leupold QRW2 Rings

The Leupold QRW2 Rings Installed easily on S&W Model 500 Hunter. I am using a new Leupold VX-III 2.5-8X28 handgun scope. After firing 49 rounds of .500S&W, I noticed the extent had moved back about 1/8" and took some metal with it from the range. A call to Leupold ended with a recommendation to obtain rosin from a music store and sand off a bit of powder and put a small bit around the scope and inside the rings. The rosin ensures a better grip on the range. Be sure to use an alcohol swab to decrease the scope and rings before this step.



Great scope rings, especially for the price. The quick-release lever's work very well, and my scope goes right back to zero every time on my Weaver rail. I use the Leupold rings to mount a Vortex scope on a Ruge10/22 Takedown. I needed to be able to take the range on and off quickly to store the Ruger, and it's a backpack. These Quick Release Scope Rings are fantastic.

Beautiful rings for a Scout scope

Bought these QRW2 Rings for a Leupold Scout scope to be mounted on a Ruger Gunsite Scout rifle. My intention being that is the range were damaged or somehow failing me; I could quickly remove it to use the iron sights. I'm impressed by the quality of these rings thus far.

Leupold Quick Release Weaver Style QRW2 Scope Rings

After two pairs of cheaper rings that came loose on my 44 Ruger Redhawk, I bit the bullet and bought a couple of these Leupold QRW2 Rings. These are working great and seem to be holding up to the magnum loads. Don't waste your money on cheap rings. They also make the scope sweet and low, with about a 1/16 clearance from the front barrel.

Perfect match for Ruger Mark III 22/45 w/replaceable panels

Think about adding Leupold ScopeSmith Rifle Scope Cover (LU-RA-COV-SS) to your order (excellent option for Leupold FX-II 2x20 handgun scope). Just get the rings (no base required; use the one that came with your Ruger). Low rings work fine (if you don't mind the scope barely touching the rear sight, or remove the views)

Quick Release Scope Rings

Great product, I mounted it on a savage scout 308, and the Quick Release Scope Rings makes it super easy to dismount the scope and shoot iron sights when I need to. When I put it back on, it holds its zero as if it never came off. They're easy to install and don't strip very easy like other cheap, quick release.

Leupold QRW2 Rings on LR-308 Carbine

I purchased a second set of these rings to use on my Bushmaster ORC 308 carbine. I'm using them in conjunction with 1/2 inch risers that came with the rifle. They're great because I can remove the scope to conserve room in my gun safe, and have the scope return to zero when I reattach. Some reviewers voiced concern about marring their scope tube when mounting it in the lower half of the rings, which are higher than 180 degrees. I avoided this by wrapping masking tape around the scope tube to protect it while clicking the rings on.

Strong - clean lines

Until a couple of years ago, I was not a fan of removable mount/rings. Since then, I am now a convert. The Picatinny (Weaver) rail has proven itself to me as the most straightforward, most universal, most flexible platform of is type. And just like I have almost exclusively settled on Leupold scopes, I am similarly a fan of the Leupold QRW (Quick release Weaver - get it?) rings. Great fit, finish, and very secure. Use an optic on different platforms, OR switch optics on a platform to suit the specific purpose at the moment (think, 3-9 standard scope for day and intermediate-range; 1-4x illuminated for close-in / low light / indoors).