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Leupold 30mm Rings

Leupold 30mm Rings

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What people are saying about the Leupold 30mm Rings:

Leupold Mark 4 Rings 30mm Medium

I love these Leupold 30mm Rings. They provided just enough clearance for my 50mm Mark 4 and my Remington 700. Easy to set up and use. The only thing is, you'll need a 1/2" socket and an inch/lbs torque wrench set a 65" lbs to tighten them appropriately. Recommended.


Rock Solid

The Leupold Mark 4 Rings are Rock-solid and easy to install.. good mount for my LEUPOLD Mark 4.. extra high profile provides additional clearance on my Ruger Precision rifle.. very tacticool. Bottom line: lightweight and rock robust.. go and buy it.


Leupold Mark 4 30MM medium scope rings

Mounted on a REM 700 XCR TLR in .308, combined with Leupold Mark 4 one-piece mount and scope to give quality optics set up. Pricy, but you get what you pay for. The aluminum Leupold 30mm Scope Rings are significantly lighter than the available steels.

Mark 4 rings 30mm

Everything you would expect from Leupold. Great set of rings. They may be more expensive than some others, but well worth the money. They are the only rings I buy and will repurchase them in the future.

Leupold Mk 4 Riflescope Rings (30mm) Matte black

Leupold fabricates some excellent optical equipment, and these Leupold 30mm Rings are no exception. If you can afford to purchase Leupold, buy it. You won't be disappointed in the quality, and you'll never have to buy another set of scope rings. Less expensive brands also work fine for those of us who are more cost-sensitive "weekend warriors."

Mark 4 Rings = 2 thumbs up!

I mounted the Leupold Mark 4 Rings on a 20MOA Nightforce Picatinny rail bedded to my Remington 700 BDL Varmint (1981). After the first few passes with my 30mm ring lapping tool, I was pleasantly surprised to find 100% even lapping on the lower half of the rings, which indicates a very straight rail and perfect machining of the rings. The medium rings provided plenty of space between the barrel and scope 50mm objective bell of the Leupold LRT scope. I like the 4 Torx screws to secure the upper rings as they provide all the scope gripping power that's required. The rings are sleek, which keeps them from grabbing foam in the case or branches/vines in the woods, and the matte finish is sturdy and durable.


Leupold qrw2 rings are a must have for Scout Rifle

As with all things Leupold, quality is nonpareil. These Leupold qrw2 rings a perfect mate to the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rife and an intermediate eye-relief scope. No need to remove the rear site from the rifle, either.


I am using a set of these

I am using a set of these Leupold qrw2 rings to mount a Pentax 2.5x10 rifle Scope on my Mossburg 500 Slug Gun with a cantilever barrel. I chose these so that when I remove my barrel for summer use and put it up, I can use my scope on my other rifles, I usually just put the scope away till next deer season like this year and upon returning it to its original barrel since the scope had not been reset my zero was less than 1/4 inch different at a 100 yards with 12 gauge Slugs. I will use these on any other rifles I feel I may be taking my scope off of in the future; I usually use Leupold rings anyway, but this is my first set of QRW, and I am quite pleased with them. They are quick and easy to use and return to zero quite well, not to mention they hold the scope tightly in the rings without marring my scope and hold just as tight to the base. All considered a perfect set of rings I will be buying more of in the future